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What to expect & an intro.

Hi all. I'm 30 weeks with my second child. My son was born by emergency c/s 4 years ago after he turned breech while I was in labor. They discovered it at the same time as they were checking my progress- I was about 8.5 cm dilated. I had a wonderful labor to that point. I had PROM about 24 hours before contractions kicked in, then about 9 hours of labor before wheeling me in for the emergency c/s. I was able to labor without any medication or interventions. We took Bradley Method classes for the first baby.
Now as I approach this birth I'm so excited to give a natural unmediated birth another try. I've hired a doula with experience, am attending a VBAC support group & trying to educate myself as best as I can.
I'm finding out that certain things I really wouldn't want are mandatory now at the hospital if I'm to be allowed a TOLAC. Like constant fetal monitoring & a hep lock.
Did others of you deal with these kinds if issues & how? Any advice/thoughts/tips/tricks would be hugely appreciated. I'm giving birth in the State of WA in case that makes a difference to anyone. Thanks!

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  • Continuous monitoring and a heplock are standard of care for VBAC in hospitals. A heplock is not ideal but I think it is a small compromise that you can make with your care provider and should have no affect on your ability to labor and deliver vaginally. i understand the concerns with CFM--do you know if your hospital has wireless (telemetry) monitors? That way you can still move freely, even get in the shower or tub, while being monitored. I have been told I will need both for #3 ( my second VBAC), and I dont love the idea either. But when you deliver in a hospital you have to pick your battles and make some concessions so that the staff will be more at ease in working with you toward your goal. My doctor said they will work with me on the monitoring if it is interfering with my ability to labor, and use a doppler of need be, so maybe ask about that in addition to the telemetry monitoring. Even if you have a normal FM machine, you can still keep active in labpr to an extent, so you wont necessarily be stuck in bed. GL!

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  • So I just checked in with my doctor yesterday. She said they would only require CFM from 5cm on. But the hospital only has one mobile monitoring unit. So she said its really a 'fingers crossed' situation. She said there is hope that if I progress quickly they might be more lenient- but she didn't want to get my hopes up.
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  • I think it's pretty common for hospitals to have only one or two telemetry units.  But I don't think they get requested very often--a lot of doctors don't tell patients about them, and a lot of mothers want epidurals and simply have no need for mobile monitoring.  So hopefully it will still be available for you.  Make sure you ask for it as soon as you get checked in.

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