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Holiday Week Shenanigans

Today my DS and I went to pick up some pet food.  I put him in the shopping cart since I knew I would be lifting bags of food to put in the cart.  As I turned to pick up and bag and turned back around my DS turned totally around in the cart and was rocking it back and forth like a rocking horse.  Cracked me up!  Of course now I know to always have a hand on him when he is in the cart.  Oh, and yes, he was buckled in, but he is quite clever.

Anybody else's LOs up to some fun shenanigans for the holiday week?


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Re: Holiday Week Shenanigans

  • My LO finally discovered splashing in the tub, so cute! But now he reaches through the baby gate into the kitchen to play with the water dish for the dog, so we had to move that. Just couldn't get enough splashing in I guess!

  • DS got 4 new teeth this week and now he grinds them! Ugh....I stalk him with things to put in his mouth
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  • DD also discovered the dog bowl recently.  Hooray.
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