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Babywearing in the winter

How do you ladies in colder climates wear your babies in the winter? I live in KY and have a baby K'tan which I would love to use when my LO gets here but I'm not sure how easy it will be when running errands in the winter.

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  • The same as any other season I suppose. If the weather is bad we will take DD out of the car seat, run inside, then put her in the carrier.
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  • My LO isn't here yet, but I'm a dog walker and planning on taking him with me on my walks. I was looking at this to help keep him warm while we are outside. It doesn't get super cold here though (50 by day 37 at night).
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  • I've found that wearing her keeps her (and me!) warmer than putting her in the stroller.  I'll put her in fleece and a hat (or her hooded fleece bunting) over a onesie or sleeper, and then wrap an oversize coat around both of us.  I also have a snap on fleece cover for the Ergo, but haven't needed it yet.

    If anything, the challenge is figuring out how to keep her warm without overheating myself!

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  • I just bundle him up and pull the hood over his head on windy days (I have an Ergo). My little guy is a warm thing though, so I had to learn how bundled was too bundled for indoor trips versus outdoor trips.
  • Thanks for the suggestions! :)
  • We live in New England and when DD was little I'd dress her in warm PJs and wear her in a Moby. One of my winter coats has elastic side panels so I could actually stretch the coat enough to zip up over her body once she was in the Moby as well if it was extra windy or cold.
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