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Post Turkey Day insomnia check-in


Re: Post Turkey Day insomnia check-in

  • I suck at getting gifts. :/ DH doesn't help since he doesn't have any free time so he doesn't have any hobbies!
  • Chillpr said:

    @sventurarn I'm pretty bad too when it comes to DH. He's just so picky and has everything already. He's very stylish (I'm not so much..); into electronics (got him an ipad one yr and he took it back for a better one!); and he never tells me what he wants (I make lists and leave them on the fridge)!

    Gah! Does he tell you "don't get me anything" but always gets stuff for you! Drives me crazy. Just tell me what you want!
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  • Woke up with a headache this morning :(

    Hope you ladies sleep soon.
  • Woke up with a headache this morning :(

    Hope you ladies sleep soon.

    Dislike :( feel better!



  • Chillpr said:

    Chillpr said:

    @mavgirl_73 What did you get your DH? I don't have any big ticket items in mind for DH yet. It was really all going to baby this year.

    I want a glider :-(. And I was going to try and find a crib on Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale. DH has enough electronics. He. Has. EVERYTHING!

    My DH is very handy and he needed some tools so I finally saved enough to buy him his circular saw, some sander thing and these clamps. He often does custom side projects so he needs professional grade stuff. I got some awesome online deals so I did it. He will be so surprised.

    That's awesome. My DH would like something like that too if we were in a house and he had a garage or tool shed. Nice job!!!!! The hubbys get very proud and suprised when we get them things they really want!
    Although it could be a little offset by the underwear (nothing fancy or scary) that I need to get him too. :)



  • I'm here now. It's 6 am, didn't get to sleep until 2... I am kind of tired. :(


  • What is it about mil that makes them think boundaries don't exist??

    Boundaries.... what a novel idea. oh! Even better.... FIL was watching a video of his parents (both passed away) and she says "why don't you spend time with the people who are here? They arent anymore". Like....whaaaaat??
    How old is she.... 12? Geez Louise!
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  • Just got home from work. Waiting for the toilet man (or lady) to come and install our new toilet.
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