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Random questions (winter theme)

I have two really random questions now that the snow has started to fall and everything is pretty but cold and icky outside.
1) Do you take your kids boots off in the car? After ds walks to the car his boots are wet and snowy, he climbs in kicks snow every where gets his seat wet etc. Today I just lifted him in and took his boots off. But he is going to pitch a fit if he doesn't get to help climbing into the car all winter. What do you do?
2) What do YOU wear to the playground on cold days? I plan on bundling him up in warm clothes, snow suit, boots, hat, mitts etc. But don't know what I should wear. Lol I know I am totally over thinking this. But I get cold quick and don't like going outside in the winter. I am trying to get use to it for his sake. But have nonidea how I should layer myself to keep warm.

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Re: Random questions (winter theme)

  • I've never taken her boots off in the car! When she was smaller, I think H held her more when it was super snowy (because she couldn't walk on it haha, she's such a klutz) so she never got snow everywhere.  Now she knows better, and knows to keep her feet off the seats.

    And we don't go to playgrounds in the winter?  They're not really "open".. and snow would be all over the stuff? We do play outside, though.  I wear my awesome down feather jacket, a hat, gloves and a scarf.
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  • 1.  Not usually.
    2.  We don't hang out at the playground in the winters.  Our highs are already below freezing.  I wear a coat, hat and boots to pick up the girls from school.  DD3 wears her snow pants & boots if she wants to play.

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