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Need ideas too!!

While in the car, Nate will NOT keep his friggin' shoes and socks on. Normally, I would just deal, but this has been going on now for about 6 months. When I have multiple car trips with him in a day it is a royal PITA. Friday, I counted 6 times of putting socks and shoes back on. The socks also get tossed hither and yon around the back seat area. This sock and shoe tango is also not fun when it is raining (like today).

I have tried all the usual suspects like sticker charts, natural consequences (bare feet on the sidewalk-total azzhole move on my part, I know). I even bought a small bucket of birthday party prizes with balls, ToyStory stuff and candy to award him if he can keep the shoes on until we are halfway home. No dice.

He can use his toe to push off the other shoe, so I don't think getting tie shoes will work. We take his shoes off once we get into the shopping cart because we lost one once.

Any ideas? and GO!
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Re: Need ideas too!!

  • Wrap Velcro around the shoes and his ankles? Put a pair of thick heavy socks on overlies shoes so he can't just pry them off?
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  • Well, both of my kids do this, too--I think it's just a kid thing.  Fortunately, DD1 can put her shoes and socks back on herself, so I only have to put DD2's shoes back on.  I actually use it as a bargaining chip for when they want to take their shoes off other places, and I don't want them to.  My rule is they must keep their shoes on everywhere else, but they are allowed to take them off in the car. 

    So, basically I'm no help at all :)
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  • What about taller shoes like boots? And then longer shoe strings to where the tie/bow part is on the back of the shoe? What about knee high type socks? What about high socks and then folding them over the top of a taller shoe?

  • hmmm...he'll be able to pull a bigger sock off of the shoe and he will be able to open the velcro...I knew i would regret donating the converse tie shoes with his AFO's. dammit. DH says we should wrap his shoes like Joe Flacco of the Ravens. We do have some rubberized bandage wrap I could try for a few days just to break the habit, but that sort of defeats the purpose of having to fiddle with the shoes before leaving the car.
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  • This is my kid!!
    The only thing that worked is high top sneakers with laces double knotted.
    He used to drive school crazy because he was barefoot all the time. Ever since we changed he stopped because it's too hard to push the high tops off.
  • LOL at "GQ Junior". His clothes are 100% consignment, so that makes me proud!  

    I don't give a shit what his shoes look like if they stay on his damn feet. The problem with giving him ownership of the issue is that he cannot even get a sock open. Trying to coordinate getting a sock open and then pulling it up and over his foot? He also can't coordinate pushing his pants down because he has to do two motor movements to do it. Pushing down with arms and bending knees. We are working on all these but we are far from the point where ownership is possible. he has velcro shoes and can close them, but not pull to strap and close it to have the shoe tight enough to stay on. I may try the no socks idea. Maybe the socks are somehow a sensory trigger.

    This morning he managed to keep them on for about 10 minutes, which is a tiny improvement. We were singing some kid songs. So now I am thinking that I need to try a kid's CD. Oh the humanity!

    thanks for all the tips! Even if they may not work, they always get me thinking and I sometimes can brainstorm better with friends!
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  • @auntie ;
    A good consignment find is my crack. I found a practically pristine Land's End winter coat two weeks ago for 20 dollars that retails for 89 bucks. Because I take Nate to school every morning, I have time to kill and therefore double the consignment store options. 1 by home, 1 by school and 2 by Wegman's!
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  • I like the suggestion of boots. They won't look out of place right now because it's the season for boots anyway, and if you can get him out of the habit for awhile, maybe the phase will pass by the time you want to go back to regular shoes again. 

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