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Dealing with new mom anxiety

We have a 3 month old baby girl, my wife is dealing with anxiety/separation issues and we haven't found a way to manage it. She gets really anxious and upset when we have to be around family since they all want to hold the baby.  She doesn't like to feel like our daughter is being taken away from her.  

Anyone else go though something similar?  How did you guys deal with it? With holidays looming, it could get ugly.

Re: Dealing with new mom anxiety

  • Can't help you with that one, we took our LO to the family vacation 6 weeks after he was born and everyone got to hold him and pass him around.

    The best thing to do is talk with your wife and make sure that she understands that most of your extended family should have had experience with children and that your little girl will be fine.
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  • Yeah, it's hard. She doesn't want to feel this way and is emotional over it.
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  • Has she talked to her doctor? A good amount of anxiety can be a part of the post partum mommy-blues. I had PPD and anxiety and it took a few doctor trips and meds for me to stabilize things. Be supportive of her, make sure she gets the baby lady back when she's getting anxious, and help family understand that she needs to feel secure with the baby and they will just have to wait until she wants to share her.

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  • I agree with the previous poster.  These are the types of issues that need to be professionally afddressed.  That is not "normal" (hate using that word) behavior.  There is a difference between me not wanting my son alone around elderly family members because he is a toddler tornado now who has no fear of anything, and the kind of anxiety you describe your wife having. 


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