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Recommend your video montior

I'm moving DD to her own room soon, but don't feel comfortable doing so unless we have a video monitor. I would like one with two way audio, good screen resolution and a hand held portable parent unit (not a big TV screen type.) Budget is $200 but would love to find one for cheaper if it's a good one. TIA!

Re: Recommend your video montior

  • We have the Summer Infant Digital Touch one - I think it runs around $200, but we got ours as a gift from someone who works in retail and got it at a discount. I really like it though, so I think it's worth the money. 
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  • We have the summer infant baby touch as well and I love it. We got ours during a sale. I will say though that the monitor malfunctioned after 6 months but we were able to send it in and have it replaced for free and in a timely manner. It also allows you to add extra cameras if you need them a second room for the future. 

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  • Our motorola is great.  It has the option of switching to more than 1 camera if you have them.  It tells you the temp in the room. You can move the camera around if you need too if it's not centered on LO.  I love it.  
  • I love the Motorola one we have one monitor and two cameras
  • Thanks ladies! Found a good deal on the Motorola! Excited to start using it!
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