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Our midwife meant the world to us all through our pregnancy. We got her something special after our little girl was born. The right gifts are hard to find. Here's a head start. :)https://ow.ly/qQHWR

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  • LOL, cute idea, but I'm not sure I would pay $60 for a throw pillow for anyone, including my mom or myself. Still, I never even thought about midwife presents. Anyone else do this? What did you give them? (Aside from the money you owe them, of course.)
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  • One midwife I bought a nice candle and holder.  The last midwife I bought her a set of pens that she used at my house and liked.  She was super thrilled!
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    Cute, but I have to agree, that is super pricey for a simple pillow. Glad it conveyed your sentiment, though :)

    We got our two midwives each a few local, handmade bath items (bar of soap, bath fizzie or lotion, I forget which), along with a hand written thank you note. Less than 10 each, but I think it was useful to them, and picked it just for them (even though the concept was generic).
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