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Greek Salad from the Backroom in Manchester

... is officially the only vegetable that I will eat. At 12 weeks pregnant with no appetite at all, I've been eating mostly comfort foods and starches at home. I've been to the Backroom twice in the past month. While I'm missing those mudslides big time, I've been eating those Greek salads (hold the feta) like it's my job! Going to Manch for an OB appointment today, might have to convince DH to agree to BR takeout for dinner!

baby #1 due 2/25/14


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Re: Greek Salad from the Backroom in Manchester

  • Congrats and welcome! It's nice to see some action in here. From what I've heard/read, feta is ok as long as it's pasturized. I would dbl check with your doc tho.
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    Thanks!  I'm not crazy about feta anyways - but that's a good point. I am still hiding my pregnancy - only a few more days until our big reveal - so asking questions about cheese at dinner would have piqued too much curiosity :P

    And most importantly, I DID stop to pick up celebratory salad, chicken fingers and a frappe on my way home from hearing the little bean's heartbeat on Tuesday


    baby #1 due 2/25/14


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  • Yay congrats!! Isn't it amazing to hear that lil pitter patter? Yum!! If you like ice cream, try Granite State Candy Shoppe on Elm ever.
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  • I miss the mudslides tooooo!!! So yummy!
  • My husband and are going there tonight for dinner and I can't wait to have their chicken fingers and salad!  My husband will drink the mudslides and I'll have cranberry juice & Ginger aisle

    Congrats and happy you are enjoying the salad! :)

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  • You mean the Puritan Backroom, correct? I like that place and I haven't been there in months, I think I need to go again!

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