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How many times have you POAS (peed on a in taken a pg test).  Me 7 lol.  I am obsessed

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  • With DS I think I took like 5. This time I've done 3. I still have a bunch of cheap wondfos, so if I get bored...

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  • I hve done maybe 10. But te cheapies. Only one digi and ine clear blue regular one.

    March 2013: First TTC trip to RE, On 1500 mg Metformin, April 2013:  PCOS and Endometriosis, May 2013:  DH Low volume; Femara 7.5 mg + IUI #1 = BFN, July 2013: Femara 7.5 mg + IUI #2 = BFN, August 2013:  Femara 7.5 mg (X5) + Bravelle (X7) + Ovidrel + IUI #3 + Endometrin = BFP  MC at 5w3d,
    October 2013:  Follistim (X14) + Ovidrel + IUI #4 + Endometrin =BFP!!! 





  • I've done 4 because that's what DH bought. I'm tempted to buy more lol.
  • 3.  I have 1 more....
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  • At least 10. But I'm making sure I'm still pg while I wait for another blood draw to check my HCG levels.
    BFP - March 31st 2013 - MC on April 6th 2013<br>
    BFP - May 11th 2013 - MC on May 15th 2013<br>
    BFP - June 22nd 2013 - MC on June 30th 2013<br>
    BFP - September 2013 - MC September 2013<br>
    BFP - October 31, 2013 - December 17th - found out baby stopped growing at 7wks - natural MC December 20th 2013

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  • Just once :-)
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    little_bugie[Deleted User]
  • 8, twice on the day I got my BFP and one a day for the rest of the week... Hehe
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  • I think 5. I may do more.
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    BFP2: 10/27/13(edd 7/10/14) "Speck" ~ M/C 12/5/13
  • 4... I am tempted to do more every day ;-)

  • Maybe 6. Mostly cheapies. I like watching them get darker. (-:
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  • I almost bought a pack yesterday ... Just to be sure...
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  • I've only taken two tests. I have an apt on fri where I'll take my 3rd. I've thought about buying a few cheap ones to take once a week lol
  • 4 Wondfos, 1 FRER, 1 CB digital.
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  • I've done 5. Really trying hard not to do anymore. My appointment is on Monday so I'm hoping I can hold out!
  • I'm so glad you posted this. Makes me feel way less crazy. I think I'm at 6 now. I'm so flipping paranoid I've been testing once a day since I found out. I know it's dumb but I guess it just hasn't sunk in yet.
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  • I've done 6. And I will probably do a few more before my first appointment in December. This post makes me feel better about it though. 

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  • 3... 2 FRERs and one $ Store cheapie (the kind where you have to use the dropper and I was at work... Awkward).
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  • I took another yesterday. So 5 total
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  • Just 2. My DH put the ban on buying tests bc he read that false positives almost never happen. The 2 I took lit up like the 4th of July. I had blood work done Monday and supposed to get results back today so that will make me feel better once I know my levels. I'm feeling every bit of preggo though!
  • Ummmm 15. I keep checking to make sure the line doesn't get lighter. I'm totally OCD and worried. Grrrrr can't wait to get through the first trimester
  • I've done 5! Have one left though.
  • A wondfo & FRER the day I found out, Sunday.  And then everyday since to make sure the line is getting darker.  The problem is I have like 30 wondfos so I might need someone to remove them from the house!  I'm so happy to see other women are as paranoid as I am.  When I was pregnant with DD I was naive and didn't even think about the possibility of  MC, now it is all I can think about.  Damn TB!
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  • That were positive?  2, 1 FRER and one Digi because I wanted to see it in writing.  I also had to take a test at the doctors, but that was peeing in a cup, so I don't count it ;).

  • At least 12 for me. Only 1 CB digital but I have so many of the cheap internet ones I just keep testing every time I get anxious. They are going to expire anyway, might as well use them ;)
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  • I have tested twice. We had our first set of betas on Monday and we go back today....I'm so nervous!
  • I used my last cheapie this morning! Just wanted to be sure.
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    BFP2: 10/27/13(edd 7/10/14) "Speck" ~ M/C 12/5/13
  • Just once. I only had one left and I've never been that into seeing the tests.

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  • I got a faint BFP on a Wondfo so I took an FRER which was also super faint.  Tested the next day with another FRER and got a much darker line.  I'll probably use up another Wondfo or two while I wait for my first doctor appointment.
    PM me for blog link!

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  • I still test about twice a week with the cheap ones.

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  • Four!

    Three times the first day because I was nervous. Yesterday once to show DH how fast the test lit up with a +. :) Part of it is me being nervous because we suffered a miscarriage in August. DH told me if I need to pee on a stick every day to feel better & not stress then he doesn't mind. :)



  • Once.  I did offer to take a second one for DH after he made a comment for about the fifth time about us not knowing for sure until I go to the doctor.  Really?  You need the doctor to confirm this, not the fact that AF hasn't shown up and I got a BFP?
  • Two because that's all I had.  I would definitely have taken more if I had any left.  

  • mlebates said:
    At least 10. But I'm making sure I'm still pg while I wait for another blood draw to check my HCG levels.

    this is me too, only mine have been 6 and will likely take another before my next blood draw on Monday

    11.2011 - DS1

    02.2013 - loss at 6 wks

    06.2014 - DS2

    10.2015 - loss at 12 wks

    03.2017 - DD

  • Just one. I'm cheap that way.

    I'm really tempted to buy more because I'm still having a hard time believing I'm actually pregnant, but my appointment is next week so I'm trying really hard to be patient.

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  • mrs.ammamrs.amma member
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    OMG I only did one digi at home and then another at the doctor the next day. That was a week ago! I feel the sudden urge to poas or 12.... The last test at home doesn't stand a chance tonight
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  • Almost took one this morning...being so early in the pregnancy and it being my first there still seems to be part of my brain doesn't believe it....I may break and take one this afternoon
  • Like 10, or 15....I couldn't believe it!

    Me-33 DW-29
    together since 2009
    Married since 6/14/13 
    1st IUI (clomid+ovidrel) 10/14/13... BFP 10/26/13...                                                         
    EDD 7/1/14 ...MMC 11/22/13...D&C 11/25/13
    2nd IUI (clomid+ovidrel) 1/15/14...BFN 
    3rd IUI (unmedicated) 2/12/14...BFN
    4th IUI (clomid + ovidrel) 3/10/14...BFN
    home ICI (unmedicated) 4/4/14...BFN
    home ICI (unmedicated) 5/2 & 5/3...BFN
    5th & 6th IUI (clomid + ovidrel) 5/28 & 5/29...BFN
    7th & 8th IUI (follistim & ovidrel) 6/24 & 6/25....BFN
    **all are welcome**

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  • I did 2 of the 3 in the box and feel like I'm wasting that last one. Maybe I should use it, haha.
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  • Two way too early that we're negative, two that were super squinters, and one digital. Although I have three and a digital left and I'm sure I'll be using them up as this is out last baby!
    DS #1 10.16.11  DS #2 12.10.12   3u3!! 7.16.14
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  • I did it twice. When I took the first test I was so shocked that it was positive (and within 30secs) that I went ahead and took a second test.

    I also went to a local clinic and did a test there as well.

    Excitedly awaiting my first!


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