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Because I NEVER imagined we'd be having 2 kids close enough in age to need 2 cribs, we bought our son a crib that doesn't convert to a full bed, although it DOES convert to a toddler bed. Well now we're pregnant with number 2, and DS will be almost 22 months when he's born. So my question, for those who have been there, should I buy another crib for the baby? A new crib that eventually converts to a full size bed for my toddler and give the baby his old crib? Put the baby in a pack and play for a few months and hope that buys me enough time for DS to be ready for a bed THEN get him a bed? Not brain surgery, I know, but sure feels like it haha! 
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Re: Crib Question

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    When we had DD#1, we kept her in our room for a few months to decide what to do.  When she was 3 months (and DS was 18 months) it was clear that he was not ready to move.  So we bought a second crib.  I am very happy we did.  Both DS and DD stayed in their cribs until 3 years old!  DD actually just moved out of hers 2 weeks ago.  

    So my opinion is that you should not worry about it yet - keep the baby in your room in a pnp or bassinet, and after a few months then you could decide.  If #1 seems very comfortable in there and like he could last there for another year, then buy a new one.  If he is climbing out, then get him a bed.  Good luck!
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  • Great advice, thanks!
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  • My kids were 15 months apart.  My next gap is 20 months apart.  I am so glad that I went with 2 cribs.  It is an easier transition to keep them in their toddler bed when they are a bit earlier.  When you have a newborn, it's also super nice to have a way to contain the older child.  My oldest child would stay in her crib many mornings because I was busy with the baby.  I can't imagine if she had woken up and was able to roam the house when I was nursing.  Having a new sibling is a big transition, it will be hard to also move to a big boy bed.
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  • My girls are 21 months apart and I bought a second convertible crib. DD#1 is now 2.5yrs and shows no sign of wanting to get out of her crib.  
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  • We're expecting #2 in January and ours will be 19months apart. We decided to buy a second convertible crib because I think it will be easier to be able to contain DD1 there when necessary and it's one less change for her and she won't have to deal with the baby having 'her' bed.
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  • Our first is 7 months old and we are 6 weeks pregnant with #2.  Our first was in a bassinet in our room till she started sleeping through the night at 2 months.  Then we moved her into a pack in play in her own room.  #2 will start in a bassinet in our room and when the baby starts sleeping through the night we will figure it out then. 
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