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does suddenly TONS of dirty diapers = teething???

My DS is 10.5 months and typically has a dirty diaper once every other day, sometimes once every 2 days.  This has been normal for him since birth, and he has never been constipated or anything.  Suddenly 4 days ago, he is going probably 5-6 times a day!  It is not diarrhea or anything, its pretty normal consistency.  He is waking up filled with poop every morning and he has never done that before and I do not know how long he has been sitting in it at night.  A lot of times it is just a little so that you literally can hardly smell it, but still enough that it is giving him a rash :-(  His poor little butt is getting raw.  I know this sounds gross but it also smells a little different.  I am wondering if all of this is a symptom of teething.  He definitely has 4 visible teeth coming in but luckily is not cranky or anything.  I can't seem to remember if very frequent poop diapers means teething.  His diet has been the same for a long time so I do not think its changes in food.

Re: does suddenly TONS of dirty diapers = teething???

  • My almost 11 mo old dd is doing the same thing. She has 4 teeth trying to poke through all at once too! Dr. Said they are drooling so much more than you actually see and it causes diarrhea. As long as they have enough wet diapers and no fever they are ok.

  • Sounds to me like a stomach virus.  We had this around 4 months, and it went away in about 8 days.  Happened to be at the time of a well-baby appointment and they doctor didn't have us do anything--just watch for and treat diaper rash.  We didn't really have the diaper rash problems because she wasn't STTN at that point, but you probably need to pull out all the stops to combat it.  Teething might cause that...but it sure hasn't for us.
  • I actually might say teething. My DD popped 4 teeth in like a week and a half, and for about 5 days we had some serious diapers.  she's the same-once every other day.

    I would coat her little bum in some diaper cream and it seemed to ward off the rash though.
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  • If your LO only goes once a day to every other day, then even if it's not runny poop, it sounds like it might be a virus, since he is pooping so much more often. Ours always last 10 days and then they go away. 

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  • that sucks, i hope it isnt a virus!  he does not have any other symptoms whatsoever and isnt even acting cranky, that is the strange thing.
  • Oh, I remember now that the diapers were more orange and had a more acidic odor when she had the virus--which was why the rash was likely to be bad...
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