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Grunting in sleep

DS, 10 weeks, makes horrible grunting sounds while he sleeps. Normally it is only in the early morning hours after his 3 am feeding. The noises continue until they seem to get so bad that he wakes at 6 am. Does anyone else's LO make these noises? I don't remember my DD doing this. Are they normal? He does have reflux, not sure if that is a factor too.

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  • Same here. He's loud. It usually stops after he has his morning poop, so I'm not sure if that's him working on it or what. Even if I try and move his legs, make him pass gas....he still does it. So I just let him do it.
  • DD2 is a grunter. 
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  • My DS grunts a lot too throughout the night. It's at its worse right after a feeding. 
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  • my DD wakes me in the middle of the night with her loud grunting.

    At first I would jump up and check on her, but she does it so much now it is the norm. I would check on her if she WAS NOT grunting


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  • My DS grunts a lot too throughout the night. It's at its worse right after a feeding. 

    This for us too! I was s o concerned at first I took him to the pedi, but everything was fine. DH says I have FTM paranoia.
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  • I guess its normal. My DS did it the first one all the time. I asked doctors but they said its normal as his lungs are adjusting to the outside world.

    Now he doesn't do it as much.

  • Normal. My second kid was suuuper noisy in his sleep.
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    I'm learning when LOs grunts mean something and when they don't. She is now 3months and the grunts have calmed down so much.

    eta. I worried about reflux also because off her grunting  but the pedi wasn't concerned and she didn't seem uncomfortable to me.
  • My LO doesn't have reflux but also grunts in his sleep. It usually starts around 5 or 6am and drives me crazy until he finally wakes up.
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  • DD isn't a grunter but she does a lot of sweet little "ah's", "ooh's", and "mmm's". 

  • My daughter talks in her sleep and sucks her hand for comfort. We turn down the monitor sound down, since we can clearly hear her fuss/cry if she does need us.

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  • My son did the same where it would be only in the early morning hours. It's stopped over the last few weeks ever since I cut dairy out of my diet. His reflux stopped after that as well.
  • My DS is 8 weeks, and has always been a big grunter. I worried at first, and was constantly checking on him. The pediatrician told us at 2 week checkup not to worry, some babies are just noisy. However, he was diagnosed with reflux last week by a different pediatrician in the office. He still does it, but not as much since we changed bottles and started him on Zantac.
  • My DS grunts a lot too throughout the night. It's at its worse right after a feeding. 

    This. We mentioned it to the pedi and she said he will likely outgrow it but to tell her if it gets worse or he seems really uncomfortable. He is 10 weeks now and doesn't do it nearly as much.
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