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How did your water break?

What were you doing when it broke? Did you even know when it broke?

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  • My doctor broke it in the hospital and yes, I knew when it broke. Felt like a massive warm gush.
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    roo1oo said:

    My doctor broke it in the hospital and yes, I knew when it broke. Felt like a massive warm gush.

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  • DH and I were walking up a driveway to check out an estate sale.  I was half way up the drive when I felt a warm heavy trickle.  I told DH I thought my water had broken but then it stopped so I thought maybe I peed (lol).  We drove home and then there was a 2nd heavier gush and I knew for sure it was my water.  We went to L & D and I had the biggest gush on the waiting room floor. Embarrassing! 


  • I was in triage at the hospital and the nurse had just told me that when the doctor got there she would probably send me home because I wasn't dialated enough. I stood up to go to the bathroom and felt a gush. I told the nurse that I either peed myslef or my water broke. Sure enough it was my water and I got to stay!
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  • mine broke on its own when I was actually pushing baby out. he was almost born inside the water sack
  • Mine began to leak two days before LO was born. I thought it was discharge from my cervical check that day. But once I saw I had leaked through everything and onto my car seat I knew something was up. I got pitocin in me and it kept slowly leaking throughout labor.
  • Mine broke in the hospital during labor. I had just been on one of the labor/workout balls and was climbing into bed to get checked when it just all came gushing out! GROSS!

  • Broken during my c-section

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  • Dr did it when I checked into the hospital. I was dialated to 8 cm and having contractions every 30 sec for a min! Sounds intense!! This is actually my fear! Lol happy to hear you survived ;) how big was baby?
  • When my dr broke it on the OR table.
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  • With DS1 it broke in the middle of the night. I woke up due to a contraction and when I rolled over I felt a little gush of water.

    With DS2 we had just gone to bed when I felt/heard the pop and as soon as I moved it gushed.  There was no mistaking it for anything else.
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  • With DD1, it broke when I was at work.  I just felt warm liquid running down my leg and it wouldn't stop.  Most of it came out pretty quickly, but I was still leaking an hour and a half later when I got to the hospital.

    With DD2, it broke right before the doctor let me start pushing.  She was actually going to break it for me, but as she was going for it, it just broke on its own.  
  • Right before pushing, with both girls. 
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  • I was asleep. I woke up to use the bathroom.I told my husband my underwear was wet . I went to the bathroom, told my husband, its time to go.
  • I was at work!  It was my last day before going on Maternity Leave and I was just standing there talking to a co-worker and I felt a trickle and it just kept coming and coming.  I went to the bathroom to see what the deal was and I realized what it was.  Luckily I had leggings on under my dress so no one could see it or anything.  
  • My midwife had to break my water. We thought it had broken on it's own a little earlier in my labor because it smelled like amniotic fluid but when the midwife checked at about 8cm, she said it was still intact so she broke it. Since she broke it, it was a definite warm gush. Think of a small flood Lol
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