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Your registry?

My shower is on Saturday and pretty much nothing has been bought off of it yet, im starting to get worried. Anyone have experience with this? Do you think people will wait until the day before or the day of to buy off of it?

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  • I would not stress. Some people do not buy off of registries, but prefer picking out their own gift. Also, many times people wait until last minute.



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  • I had a lot of last minute buys for my bridal registry so people still have plenty of time to shop before Saturday.

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  • I had a lot of last min buyers as well. I stopped looking a few days b4 so I could b surprised at the shower.
  • People tend to shop last minute so I wouldn't worry. Also, a registry is basically just a wish list, so people don't have to buy from it.


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  • I know I'm guilty of waiting until the last minute to shop for a baby shower gifts in the past... Most people purchase gifts before the party! Don't stress!!!


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  • My first shower is next Saturday (Nov 9) and only 9 items have been purchased off Target and 10 of BRU. And there's 40 people coming to the shower.

    I'm not too concerned. I know a lot of DH's family likes to buy things not on the registry because they "want it to be a surprise." (I don't know what it is about them and surprises... *rolls eyes*)
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  • Yea, I'm guilty of waiting until the last minute to buy gifts for showers. Typically during my lunch break the Friday before if it's a Saturday shower or sometime Saturday if it's a Sunday shower.

    Personal best was actually for my cousin's shower ... we got her gift like a week in advance. I have never done that before and probably will never again, lol.
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  • I'm one of those sorry losers that buys off the registry but forgets to have it taken off. And yes, I'll buy it on the way there, buy the gift bag and everything.
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  • Mine was the same way. Turned out people looked at my registry and bought the same things, just elsewhere. I also had prob 10 things bought off of my registry day of. Don't stress!
  • I keep checking mine too. My shower is Nov 16th and I do everything last minute but just want to remind everyone it is Amazon so it takes time to ship. It is taking everything not to order everything myself!

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  • Last minute shoppers plus lots of gift cards. That's my input.

  • I had my first shower last Sunday and most things were not bought until a couple hours before!  Most of the people just went and bought what they wanted....we got a TON of clothes and blankets....I was very happy that they mostly stuck with the theme.  I have another shower on Sunday and I have been checking this one a lot less just because I realize people wont be shopping till the day of and most likely not buying from my registry.  I have already returned all my doubles and will just be saving up the gift cards to go buy whatever didn't get purchased in the end. 
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  • I had exactly 4 gifts come off my registry of about 65 items. Everybody else did their own thing. You can't control what people buy you, and having a registry doesn't mean people have to follow it. Do I wish I would have gotten more from the registry? Yes because those are the items I researched and wanted. At the end oftthe day though, I liked everything we did receive and was thankful for it.
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