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Avent bottles discolored

Hello ladies. Currently using Avent plastic bottles (BPA free)purchased brand new 1 month ago. I read they were dishwasher safe. Have noticed that they now have a yellow/orange tint to them, including the nipples. Has anyone else had this problem? Are they still safe to use?

Re: Avent bottles discolored

  • i have seen some look like that, im assuming they are safe to use but i used them for over a year and washed them in the dishwasher once a day at least and never had that problem. call avent and ask would be my best advice, but i have defintley seen it happen before!
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  • elmoali said:
    That typically happens when you've washed them with something that had tomato sauce on it :)  

    That darn tomota sauce is always messing up plastic dishes!

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  • I agree with the PPs. If you washed it with anything that had tomato sauce on it then that is probably the reason. I turned all of my bottles yellow because of that. I was so mad. lol
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  • This happened to me, so I soaked them in a water vinegar mix, and it cleaned them up!
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  • Thanks ladies! I will try the water vinegar mix. Right now they just look rough
  • mommabmb said:
    This happened to me, so I soaked them in a water vinegar mix, and it cleaned them up!

    My Avent bottles are also discolored. Did you use a particular ratio of water to vinegar? I want to try this!

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