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Is it the same?

Like with singletons do you get a burst of energy before going into labor with multiples?


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Re: Is it the same?

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    Im currently having a major spurt of energy right now. Im 32 weeks and it happened around the same time with my singleton. Surprisingly my hip pain and back pain has let up some too so its allowing me to move a little better. Im having that "i know labor is super soon" feeling and getting all the last minute stuff done so we are ready for babies.

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  • Can't say that I experienced that.
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  • I definitely did not experience a burst of energy. I wish I had. 
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  • Haaaahaha!! No sign of a burst of energy for me. After 30 weeks... Nada.


  • Nope.  My energy went bye-bye around 24weeks.  My boys are almost 6 months old and I haven't seen it since.  (:|


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  • I had a burst of energy the night before I went in to labour.........I was on my hands and knees washing our living room and kitchen floors, going on a crazy cleaning spree at 10pm....woke up the next morning at 7am exactly 38weeks 0days and my water broke! So it was true for me but just for one day :)
  • I've had 6 singletons and yes I experienced a huge burst of energy before labor. Nesting at it's finest.
  • I rarely had energy while preggo with my twins.
  • I did with my singletons, and felt like poop all third tri with my twins (but after a ton of bed rest was thankful to have gone through)
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