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Intro-new member to 2u2!

My name is Carlie and just recently joined this club. DS#1 (Grant) is 19 months and DS#2 (Nolen) is 9 days old. G is already in terrible two's and likes to hit and turn everything into a flying object. I'm pretty terrified to juggle 2 and give both the attention they need. I'm sure I'll be coming here for some advice very soon!
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Re: Intro-new member to 2u2!

  • Hi and welcome :)  My DS1 is only 15 1/2 months and I'd say he's entering terrible 2's already, too!  I think the biggest thing with having 2 this close is organization and routine!  Once we found our groove, things have been much easier already :) 
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  • We have the same issue. DS is 18 months and DD is 6 weeks. The throwing things was a major issue in our house too. We just have to constantly redirect or stop him from throwing. But mostly we just have to watch him all the time because someone is bound to take a toy to the eye :). I will say that started around 15 months and it's starting to taper off. I think he is understanding more now and knows he can't throw things.
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