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Tablet recs for a 5 year old??

I think we're going to buy dd a tablet for her 5th birthday. I've done a little bit of research and my head is swimming with all the options out there. Which tablet did you purchase and why? 
A little background- dd doesn't currently have any "apps" on our iPhone or iPad so I don't feel that an iPad mini is a "must." Though if we had already purchased a bunch of apps for her, that might make sense. I am mainly interested in educational games, though I would like to load a movie or show for the few car trips we do each year. 

I sure do like the price of this LeapPad 2 bundle ($89.99 at Costco) but I'm afraid it will be very short-lived. 

Though no doubt dd#1 will be thrilled with ANY tablet we purchase for her... and I do have a second daughter (2 years old) who is sure to enjoy it as well. 


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Re: Tablet recs for a 5 year old??

  • We have the LeapPad 2 and DD loves it!  It taught her all the letter sounds, so definitely educational.  There might be better options out there, I never researched it as it was a gift from DH's parents.
  • I will say that I don't recommend the innotab2. We got this for DS last year for christmas with high hopes and very disappointed. Takes very long time to load and the touch screen is already not responding at times.
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  • DD has the LeapPad 2 and Loves it! There are a variety of apps from the online store, there are some videos (DD has Caillou and a Barbie one), fun ones and of course educational ones - my DD loves a math one I got her. But one of the cartridges we got at the store is a little difficult for her right now but I am hoping it will be good for her in the next year. I love when TRU has their sale of either buy 1 get 1 free or buy 1 get 1 half off, most of the time in includes the app cards (ones to download from online) so I can get $40 for only $20 and I don't have to have all those little cartridges around! I don't know what else is out there but I do like the LeapPad 2. I have a slight interest in the LeapPad Ultra, but am happy with what we have now.
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  • DS just uses our IPad or iPhones he has apps on them all. Most of the apps we have we're free so it works for us.
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  • I don't have one, but I think one of those Microsoft tablets with the snappable keyboard would be a great choice. Everything is all about touchscreens right now, but I think learning to use the keyboard at this age would be a nice advantage.

  • Not only is the Leap Pad short lived the apps are also very expensive.
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  • I'd recommend a kindle, if you don't want to fork out the extra $ for the iPad or you could consider an iPod. My 3 year old has an iPod (our old phone) and he is able to navigate the games and we added movies which makes long car rides so much nicer :)
  • DD has the Nabi and its been great - plus it comes with the protective case and is already all set up for parental controls and such.  We can access the android playstore and get stuff like Angry Birds and such for her so its not as limited as some of the other "child specific" tablets.  I personally wouldn't get her an ipad or ipad mini since I think they are overpriced.  We debated between the Google Nexus and the Nabi and opted for the Nabi and haven't been disappointed at all. 




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