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OT: Creating art with kids supplies

So we're temporarily living a few states away from our primary residence, and I only packed things I thought I would need or want. Well, lately I've been wanting to draw/ paint etc. I'm not a seasoned artist at all, more of a wannabe. But I left all of my art supplies back home and I'm not trying to buy stuff I already have. Have any of you done art projects with kids materials, like crayons, markers, construction paper, etc.? I think I just need to know people do this. I need a little inspiration.
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Re: OT: Creating art with kids supplies

  • Pinterest, yo!  I'm sure there are great ideas on there :) Also, I've seen these done before, and they can be very pretty.  https://www.marthastewart.com/272535/crayon-hearts
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  • Okay, now I'm thinking about it, and how cute would some wax paper stars in a window be?
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  • Ooo pinterest is a good idea! I do like the hearts, they're cute. I was thinking more like a composition type thing than a project, but maybe I'll find something that strikes me.
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  • You can make collages with anything, including magazines and found objects. Technically, you only need a pencil if you want to draw.

    You can always buy something that you don't already own. Have you tried charcoal, pastels, watercolors, mosaic tile, stamp-making (can shape wine corks, veggies or fruit)? You can make art from just about anything, even toilet paper rolls. Have fun :)
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