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Sleeping issues...

Our four year old has been coming in our room and sleeping on the floor every night since March! We used to put him back only to have him wake up two hours later. With both of us working and another child who is 2 1/2 no one has the energy to fix this problem but now....we are expecting number three! I need him in his own bed desperately! I have tried sticker charts, rewards, putting him back in bed, reasoning with him, sleeping with night lights a noise machine and even putting a picture of my hubby and I in his room....any other suggestions or other moms going through this! I need this to end I wish he could just sleep in his own bed. We have another bed in the room for when baby comes, my other son and him will be sharing. HELP!

Re: Sleeping issues...

  • Man, I wish DD would just sleep on our floor. She ninjas her way into our bed every night. We've tried putting a sleeping bag on the floor but that only lasts temporarily. Is it possible to put your DS in bed now with the 2 1/2 yr old? Maybe if he had some companionship at night he would stay put? It's just a thought. When DD spends the night at my sister's house and shares a bed with my nephews she stays put. I think she just likes having someone in bed with her.
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