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Truth or Dare

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To spinoff the FFFC thread, tell us about one of your truth or dare experiences. Besides the raisins, My friend Sarah once dared me to dip my hair in toilet water. I did. When it was Sarah's turn, I dared her to suck it off my hair. Funniest moment ever.


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Re: Truth or Dare

  • BLang23 said:
    I think the craziest dare i ever did was running outside at 2 am in about 16 inches of snow wearing nothing but a thong and doing  snow angels. 

    hahaha!!  That reminds me of one where I had my friend go out in her underwear and roll around pretending she was being attacked by bees.

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  • Ha!
    My dad dared me to eat a fish eye from the trout we caught while camping. I did it and there was a crunch in the center. Vomit! I got the $20 he promised if I did it 8-}
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    @Flyhoworth your dare literally made me do this


    Yuck yuck yuck!

    Eta fix spelling

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  • I don't have any good stories of my own T or D experiences, but I do have a cousin in law who is awesome and nutty. He's in his late 30's early 40's and just a bid kid. He dared his niece to do the "worm" (break dance move) in the middle of Disney World for $5. That was pretty awesome...probably more of a "you had to be there" thing though.
  • My DH once ate five pineapples on a dare. His mouth literally BLED.

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  • All our dares had to do with getting naked and doing something dumb outside. Nothing out of the ordinary for our slutty cheerleader group!
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