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valves on ameda BP

I use my pump a lot and have noticed that I am having a hard time pumping what I did last week while at work.  On the right I would average 3oz and on the left 1oz every 4 hours.  but its been decreased by an oz.  Do you think I need to change the valves? 
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Re: valves on ameda BP

  • I think you are supposed to change the valves once a month.  They can tear really easily and if you pump often it is best to change them frequently.  I was bad about changing mine and finally changed them after @ 3 months.  When I changed them it made a huge difference in the amount of milk I got. I started replacing them regularly after that.  Also be sure you are getting enough water.  I know that when I would pump less it was because I was not drinking as much as I should that day.

  • When my pumping decreased it was due to the valves! i changed them during a pump and noticed a big difference afterwards. 

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  • wow I didn't know this....changing my valves tonight! 
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