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Paranoid over vaccinations

So I had my daughters two month well check and they gave her the first dose of shots and it seemed like a lot to me. She did well she cried at first but no fever or anything. Well now I feel bad like I made the wrong decision in letting them vaccinate her. I am sooooo freaking paranoid over the vaccinations harming her in some way. How do you ladies not let it make you crazy? And if anyone knows of any good studies I can read please let me know. Anything to easy my mind.

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  • No I don't think I am apart of the July 13 bmb. I don't know what that is lol but OK thanks for the info and thank you both for responding. I know logically of course it makes sense to take advantage of modern medicine and take advantage of the fact that we have these vaccines for our children. And I know millions of kids get them everyday and are fine but I just feel like it would be my luck that my poor baby would be that one in a million to have something happen. Then again I am literally the most paranoid person you will ever meet. At least I think so
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  • If you trust your doctor, it's easy not to be nervous. I trust my pedi with my baby's life. Anyday. Anytime.
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    Research the vaccines and do what you feel most comfortable with. Dr sears vaccine book is rather neutral and I think it touches pretty fairly on the benefits and risks associated with getting the vaccine and not getting the vaccine. Also it doesn't have to be all or nothing, you can space them out, choose what you are comfortable with etc. My kids will eventually have all their vaccines bu they NEVER get more than 1 single vaccine at a time. It is what I am comfortable with, and I have had a child who had a relatively severe vaccine reaction (twice). But do your own research and make the decision you feel comfortable with and that you can live with. For me I believe by delaying and selectively vaxing I am offering protection against the diseases I feel are the biggest threat and not bombarding my kids with vaccines that I believe are completely unnecessary either right now or ever.
  • You shouldn't feel paranoid or uncomfortable about vaccinating your child. They may be fussy for a couple days, or like mine, they might be overtired and sleep the days away. 

    There is no legitimate reason not to vaccinate against preventable diseases. Would you rather deal with one round of shots and a couple fussy days or a severe illness? 

    And if you are still very uncomfortable, you could always do an alternate schedule. 

  • I'm actually the opposite.  I get anxious about them not getting their shots in time or that they will be exposed to something terrible before they receive a vaccination.  Once they do receive their vaccinations, I feel a lot of relief. 
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