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Bedtime Routine

I'm sorry if this has been posted before. 
My LO is 5 weeks and the pedi recommends that we start a bedtime routine. How old is your LO and what, if any, is your bedtime routine? Thank you!!

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  • DD is 11 weeks old. We do a bath around 7:30, then lotion and pj's. I take her to say goodnight to DS and DH if he is home. Then we do a bottle in her room with lights off and white noise. I bounce/rock her until she closes her eyes and then she goes in the crib. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get her to stay asleep but once she's down (around 8) she sleeps until 3 or 4, eats, and then is up around 8.
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  • 7 weeks.

    Bath (with soap 3 times a week; just water the other times)
    Swaddle, paci, white noise, kisses

    I start this at about 7:30 and she is usually asleep by 8.  She loves the bath but I don't drag it out because I don't want the water to start getting cold.  10 minutes tops.  I keep the lights dim and TV off starting at 7:00 too.

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  • LO is 11 weeks on Saturday. We start with her last bottle of the day between 8-8:30pm. We do a bath next, followed by lotion and pj's. We then end with a bedtime story, rock her, and put her down drowsy but awake. She's usually out between 9-9:30pm.

    We've started this routine since the night we got home from the hospital. Except we only did sponge baths the first 2 weeks until her cord fell off.

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  • 10 wks.. 9:30 bath with daddy 9:45-10:00 bottle 10:00-10:30 rock in glider In bassinet by 11
  • Our girl is 9 days old and we started a bedtime routine the first night we were home. Bible reading, songs, prayer, bed. Same thing we do with our son who is 2.
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