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Lego Duplos?

I know these are pretty popular with the toddler set.  I just got DS a couple sets that we saw in the store.  My question is do these things come in bigger sets that are just a bunch of legos, or are they all sold in separate boxes with different themes? (The two we got we Jake and the Neveland Pirates themed, in two separate boxes, and I saw a bunch of other kinds too).   I wanted to get him more sets at Christmas but it seems like a pain to keep track of which blocks go with which set....or maybe you just throw them all together?  These things are expensive lol, seems like they throw a couple characters in there and double the price.
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Re: Lego Duplos?

  • I used craigslist to get a bunch of non-themed ones.  I believe amazon carries the unthemed sets as well.

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  • We bought DD a tub of non-themed duplos a few years ago from the lego site.
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  • DD loves duplos!  We got her the zoo and train set because they came with so many animals and people.  Then we bought a big tub of non-themed from amazon and just threw them all together
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  • You can get a tub of plain, non-themed pieces. We have at least three tubs, plus a few little themed sets and just mix everything together. The girls sort it out when they want, or just use it all mixed up for a party with the zoo animals and Winnie the Pooh!
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  • SAMs club has the tub for a great deal in their toy section,
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  • We have a non themed one and a themed one---we keep them all together so that she can play with them at the same time. I think for Hanukkah we will get her one of the smaller Jake and the Neverland Sets--just because she LOVES the slide, and loves for her toys to "slide down" 
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  • I would suggest checking out yard sales. My sister and I always had a TON of legos growing up, because my parents loved yard sales and would always pick up any they found.
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