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1st Time Mom - Crying...A LOT

I'm a first time mom. Our baby boy was born on Aug 6. My husband and I are so in love with our little guy almost TOO in love if that makes sense. I wanted to reach out to other moms to see if I am the only one experiencing these emotions or if others can relate and give ANY comforting advice. I cry...ALL...THE...TIME. I get an overwhelming sense of dread bc I am so afraid something is going to happen to our son. He was born little, 6.5 and went down to 5.11 but now is up to 8.5. He was born with gestational cataracts and has had one surgery done on one eye and his next surgery is this coming Tues. I worry about EVERYTHING with him. Seeing him in the hospital brings me to tears. I find myself a sobbing mess more often than not. I'm fine for a couple of days then all of a sudden just the routine of having a newborn gets the best of me and I have a crying spell. My hubby has been AMAZING at comforting me but I would love to enjoy this time with our newborn and not look back and realize what a train wreck I was. HELP! Is this something I should seek help for??
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  • I wish I could help. My LO is only 11 days old, but I'm going through the same thing. I will cry out of no where for a couple hours and don't always have a reason for it. I spoke to my dr and he thinks its just the 'baby blues' and not postpartum depression. It's a horrible feeling and I can't wait to get past it. Have you talked to your doctor? Mine said it should only last a couple weeks. I'm not sure if yours is something more since its been going on longer. I'm interested to see what other people have to say on this.
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  • I talked to my midwife and she said it's common and most likely a combination of the baby blues paired with the insane hormone dump you experience right after giving birth. For some first time moms, it's just a lot all at once. Lord knows I knew becoming a mom was NOT going to be easy but I did not know that I was going to be worrying SO much about my LO CONSTANTLY. I think my "sadness" is just prolonged bc of his gestational cataracts. Seeing him go through 2 surgeries for his eyes is a huge struggle for me but I know it's harder on my husband and I than it is him. My midwife doesn't think what I'm experiencing is PPD bc I don't have any feelings of resentment/anger and whatnot....it's more so just immense concern for my LO. I'm hoping things calm down for me after he's all healed from his eye operations and we can get back on a more "normal" schedule. Everything is just a HUGE adjustment. Nothing prepares ya for the reality of becoming a mommy, that's for sure!
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  • For the most part it sounds like the normal/common "baby blues."  However, they say the "baby blues" should only last a few weeks and if things continue much longer after that it could be PPD or another form of it like, PPA or PP OCD.  I was the same way...a HUGE worrier about everything that send my anxiety into overdrive, which then lead to horrible insomnia and depression.  It built and built and I finally had a breakdown at 7 months PP.  If this continues and you don't feel better soon please see someone else for an opinion other than your midwife.  My OB tried to tell me I didn't have PPD since it was 7 months later, but when I saw my therapist and psychiatrist they said it was and could happen within the whole first year or so after birth.

    Good luck and keep getting help from your DH.  Speak up to someone else when you need to...don't wait too long like I did...it only got worse then.    
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