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VBAC Consent form

I am almost 25 weeks pregnant and planning a VBAC at home. Today at my appointment with my midwife, I had to sign a crazy VBAC consent form.  It was a little scary, but mostly ridiculous.  I am so glad I have a midwife who explained everything to me and eased my fears.  My favorite was part you had to sign that said "You understand that you can choose to have a repeat cesarean at any time." Well, duh! I mean no one is forcing me to do this.  It would be easier for me and less expensive to go for the second C-section (since my insurance won't cover homebirth) But I am so determined to do this.  I am starting my Bradley class next week and I am trying to give myself every possible chance of making this happen.  I just wish they didn't make you sign all that to have a VBAC. No one made me sign a bunch of crazy papers when they cut my stomach open. Doesn't make sense to me.

Re: VBAC Consent form

  • You didn't sign a consent form for your surgery? I don't think that's right. Someone signed something saying that you consent

    I am glad you had a supportive MW there. The form always looks intimidating!!
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  • I signed one for my first VBAC. I also signed consent papers for my c/s. I did not sign a VBAC consent form for my 2nd VBAC. I'm sure I would have signed consent forms for an RCS.
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  • I did have a consent form with my surgery, but it wasn't so frightening, even though the surgery is just as serious as having a VBAC. That's why I was surprised.
  • I think with the surgery, it is less scary, because the form is in the moment. And you generally don't have much choice.
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