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Sucessful natural VBAC!!!

I'm a little late to share but, long story short; I had a beautiful baby girl March 20th via natural VBAC!! It was the most fantasic experience. It was a long and frustrating road but, SO worth it.

We had a lot of obstacles: cervical laceration, breech at 36 weeks then transverse then breech again! I was not allowed an epidural because, I was delivering at a hospital that does not "approve" of VBAC, big scary consent form.... BUT....It was a picture perfect natural delivery and worth all of it.

There were so many times I thought i'd just go with the c-section. I was just as scared to go natural as the VBAC it self. But, what i found REALLY helpful was at 39 weeks I advocated for an ultrasound to measure the thickness of my uterine scar. This does NOT garuntee I will not rupture but, it gave me some peace of mind to know going in, I was not thinning already.

I hope this helps.



Re: Sucessful natural VBAC!!!

  • Congrats!!
  • Congratulations!
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  • You have given me some hope. I am hoping for a VBAC. But, Baby decided last friday at 35+4 to turn breech! I have a repeat U/S on Wednesday and I am hoping he turns by then. I really want to try for VBAC, especially because my toddler "needs mommy" all the time. I want to at least have the chance to try for the VBAC. 
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  • I have my fingers crossed for you!! Google baby spinning online. I literally spent every evening in the polar bear postion :) I have heard good things about accupuncture too but, you need someone who is qaulified.. ask you OB. Best of luck you can do it Momma!!
  • Congrats!  That is great!  I pray for an all natural VBAC for my second as well! 
    PPD/PPA has been super hard, but I'm making it! Slow steps...
    Mom to Carter (6), and Calianne (1).  
    Proud VBAC, natural birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering momma!

  • Congrats!!

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