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spicy foods burning tongue?

I used to love spicy food before I was pregnant, but everything hot lately seems to burn the heck out of my tongue.  Today I had a spicy chicken sandwich at lunch (which aren't even that spicy) and I couldn't even finish it.

Anyone else experience this when pregnant?   Did it go away afterward?


Josie 7.22.10

Re: spicy foods burning tongue?

  • Nope, that never happened to me and I'm glad! I love spicy food!! I'm sorry you're dealing with that!
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  • I'd say my tastes changed for a while, but I can't recall that happening with spicy stuff.
  • Some days I can eat spicy things, some days just the smell of something spicy makes me sick, lol.  I have given up trying to figure out this pregnancy eating business.  I just eat what I can when I can, and try to get some vegetables in at some point.  It really does a number on you, that's for sure!
  • it seems like my taste buds are more sensitive to everything with I'm pregnant...I can't eat anything remotely spicy or it burns my mouth and gives me heartburn...it goes away when i'm not pregnant.
  • I've been having same issue. .have u received an answer as to why this is happening?
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