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3rd bday?

Well we were planning on doing a cowboy birthday party for my son and have this traveling petting zoo come called Barn Babies.  They have all sorts of baby animals and they swaddle them up for the kids to safely hold them.  It's really cute.  But our friend is doing a petting zoo.  Any ideas?  His birthday is in January so it'll be too cold to have anything outside.
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Re: 3rd bday?

  • What's the issue?  Two petting zoo parties?  I don't really see the big deal.  If you want to have a petting zoo come, have one come.  Although the idea of 3 year olds and swaddled animals doesn't seem like a great one to me.

    But it would seem like the animals would be outside anyway, so I'm not sure how you'd work that in January.
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  • Are you having the barn animals in your home? I'm not seeing how that is an indoor party.

    I wanted to do a Par Three golf birthday for my son but we don't have an indoor putt putt here so I will have to save it for my September baby's birthday.

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  • I am confused as well. When is the friends party? I could see it being sort of the same thing if they were the same weekend or something. But other than that, it shouldn't matter of they both involve animals.
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