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  • Absolutely. I'm 11 weeks today and have gained 7 pounds. Only thing that helped with the never ending nauseous feeling was keeping my tummy full. Ate lots of carbs and couldn't stand vegetables...lol definitely not my normal self. Im usually very active and fit but didn't do a lick of exercise due to exhaustion and feeling sick all the time. Starting to feel more like myself again this week...so time to jump back on the healthy wagon :
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    I've gained 4 lbs so far:(
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  • I have been having major food aversions and nausea, so at 11 weeks, I have actually lost about 7-8 lbs.  In the last couple of days, my palate has seemed to expand and I find myself actually getting hungry.  It's just a battle of keeping that food down at the end of the day....  Every couple of nights, I throw up everything in my stomach before going to bed.  NOT FUN.

    I can't wait to start eating everything and gaining a bit of weight with you ladies!  So far, my lower abdominal area is a bit rounder than it used to be, but 'showing' is an overstatement.

    Good luck to everyone! 

  • I have gained about4 lbs....  Not sure if its baby bump or from not running anymore!!!  Weirdly I have been craving cheeseburgers!!!  But I definitely have a bump!  We heard the heartbeat today... (Soooo exiting) So we can start telling more people... Which is good because I think my co-workers are noticing my weight gain!! 
  • I'm 11 weeks and have lost about 6 lbs. I've been really nauseated and have LOTS of food aversions, especially to meat and vegetables (so not me!). I've been living off of fresh fruit and greek yogurt, and plain mashed potatoes. I have been craving salty fries and cheesy pasta (i.e. mac and cheese, fettucine alfredo). I always ate healthy and exercised before pregnancy and I try not to indulge, as well as maintain regular exercise. 0-5 lbs in the first trimester and 1 lb a week from the second trimester til the end is considered a normal rate of weight gain, but everyone's different :-).
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    I am 11 wks./4 days and I have gained two pounds, but that is after losing 14. So, technically, I am still down 12 pounds. I'm usually a junk food junkie, but since getting pregnant, I've been craving mostly fruit and carbs.
  • not me i've lost 6 pounds due to being repulsed by everything :( . my doc says that should change around week 14. 
  • i will be 11 weeks on sunday and I have lost weight due to bad morning sickness. I am unable to eat fruits, veggies and most meat so i'm stuck on pastas and breads. so i am sure that all of it will catch up to me. A lot of people are unable to eat healthy and to be honest my doctor told me to focus on what i can eat and if i can't then stay hydrated. So yes this is a critial time but most women just simply can not eat health foods. Good luck and hope everything turns out for you.

    By the way-- i'm not showing as of yet! Can't wait until i do!:)

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  • I am SO glad to hear that others are only craving bread/pasta/junk. I haven't had a lot of morning sickness but am usually a veggie/salad lover and can't seem to stomach them. I don't seem to have a problem with fruit though. I was really worried about not getting the right nutrients. I have even had a hard time with water, so I've been drinking Italian sodas, Pellegrino with OJ and lots of milk (as it seems to help calm the nausea as well!). I was worried about all the carbs/sugar, but I haven't gained any weight and my doc said as long as I'm not getting too many extra calories should be fine. I keep hearing things get back to normal a bit in the second trimester...fingers crossed!!
  • Omg I feel the exact same way. I am 5'8 and was 117 before I got pregnant. I am always been an athlete, always worked out, and always had a natural healthy diet. Now I am 11 1/2 weeks and I weigh 129,... The heaviest I have ever been in my life. I used to love the gym and now just the thought of going makes my body tired. And all I want to eat is carbs. So glad I'm not alone!!!
  • Finally someone else who has gained 10 pounds!  I feel a bit scared gaining so much weight so soon but all I have been craving are foods high in carbs because that is what makes me feel better.  My doctor isn't too concerned about it and I started prenatal yoga and will start prenatal swimming classes so hopefully that will help with the weight gain!  I feel like a chubby wubby too but keep telling myself to enjoy the process! 
  • I'm SO glad that I'm not the only that has gained weight! I've gained about 5 or 6 lbs (pants dont fit..wahhh!) since I got pregnant with our first. The only way for me to keep my nausea at bay is by eating frequently and it drives me nuts! 
  • This is me exactly. Fast food, Gatorade, and fruit. I can't stand the thought of veggies. I feel bad :( this is not how I wanted to start eating during my first pregnancy! 
  • my morning sickness has pretty much gone away so i'm getting more of an appetite. i've gained 3 pounds from my 7 week in processing appointment and my 10 week appointment...
  • I'm in the same boat... Used to work out but told not no for a few weeks. Everything is tastier and I'm getting rounder! : Back to the gym ASAP
  • Hey Lauren! I'm in your boat, the one that is almost sinking from the weight gain:) I went to my ten week appointment and never saw such a high number on the scale. I keep telling myself that once the second trimester finally gets here I'll be able to work out more and focus on eating healthy once again.

    I've been soo sooo tired it's hard to do anything else besides go to work, grab and quick meal.

  • I've gained 45 lbs so far something is going on down there, it's hard to tell if its a baby bump or a newly aquired gut from the change in diet. My boobs are definitely bigger tho too. I'm 11 weeks.
  • It seems like I have gained weight, but I can't really notice a baby bump yet :( I'm kind of overweight, so im hoping that's why... I've heard skinner people show faster. I also heard your uterus doesn't really start to come out of the pelvic bone area until week 12.

    Also, If anyone could please tell me how to create a board like this??

  • Im 11 weeks today. I have been BLOATED and grossly chubby looking in the mid section since week 9. I was fairly thin prior to pregnancy so I know it this crazy expanding uterus and BLOAT. Seems salt is the popular craving.. doesnt help with water retention either : /  Think Ive gained about 5 pounds which is what my Dr. recomended TOTAL for the 1st trimester.. Hope I dont gain too much more.. just want everything to be healthy!
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  • I haven't gained 1 pound. I'm actually down 7 lbs from Pre pregnancy weight. My dr isn't happy, but I feel like my belly and boobs are bigger. I guess I'm just redistributing. I eat like there is no tomorrow somedays but have been pretty nauseated.
  • I will be 11 weeks in 2 days and lost 3 lbs since week 7 but I finally gained it back. I went vegetarian in Feb but I was craving steak for 3 weeks and gave in. Trust me, as soon as the 1st Tri is over, the weight will pile on due to increased appetite. But be careful not to gain TOO much (over the recommended). You may develop preeclampsia. Congrats! :)
  • I am currently 11 weeks and a couple days and so far i am showing just a tad and i have lost ten pounds due to morning sickness. i don't always enjoy healthy food too much but i also don't eat too much junk food.
  • I am 10 weeks and 5 days today got on the scale this morning and have gained 9 lbs! I have been trying to eat healthy so this made me feel sad like I was failing at being pregnant. It's good to know I'm not alone in gaining weight the first trimester.
    I guess everybody carries differently. I was 119, when I found out I was pregnant and 5'3 now I'm in at 128 : just keep telling myself I'm not getting fat, I'm pregnant!
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  • I'm 11 weeks and this is my third pregnancy. I have gained one pound so far and have only craved fruit to eat. I see the doctor again in three weeks to see my progress but junk food has turned me off completely and all I seem to want is strawberries and oranges. I am not really showing yet but have been feeling so overly nauseous
  • I thought I was eating too much. Much of my clothes don't fit. Yet at OB's weighin, I didn't gain any weight in the last 4 wks. They weren't worried, but it's hard to dismiss. Anyone else I've met has gained weight throughout the whole pregnancy
  • I hit 11 weeks yesterday, and so far I have lost 12lbs since finding out I am expecting! I'm told by my mother that my morning sickness isn't even that bad, to me it feels pretty crappy. I get sick daily and have little to no appetite after that for hours. some days I can't even keep water down! and then, there are other days (which are becoming more and more frequent) where I want to eat LOTS, and then take a nice long nap. Doctors say baby is developing just fine, but want me to start gaining weight, about 3 lbs in the next month, hopefully with the nausea starting to subside a little I can accomplish that goal!
  • I've really only gained about 2 lbs even though I've been eating desserts! I attribute that though to chasing around my 10 month old all day!
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  • I also gained a litlle bit over 9 pounds.  Just like you I need to eat to stop the nausea. I was worried so I went to a nutricionist. She told me to eat 5 or 6 times a day but small meals, specially fruits and vegetables. I can´t stomach a lot of vegetables, but I´m trying. Best of luck!
  • too much ;*( 6 pounds. dammit

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