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My birth story (for those that are interested)

I had a dr appt at 10am that Thursday.  The dr checked me and told me “nothing was going on”.  So I settled on having my RCS that Monday and decided to enjoy these last few days with my boys.  We decided to go to the mall for lunch and we walked around for a few hours.  That evening, around 5:30pm, I sat down while our dinner was on the grill.  Moments later I felt a “pop” and within 15 minutes I was gushing water.  I called the dr and we headed over to L&D. 

            We arrived around 7:30 and I was only 2cm.  The dr refused to give me pitocin or any other type of intervention since I was hoping for the vbac, so we settled in for the evening.  After an u/s to check the weight of the baby (est 8lbs 15 oz) things started to pick up  The contractions were only a few minutes apart but I was able to breathe through them.  The dr was worried about his size but I was adamant about giving the VBAC a try.  He agreed to give it 12 hours and see what my body would do on its own. He went home for a while and told me to have the nurse call him when I was ready for pain meds.  By this time, it was about 11pm.  I walked the halls for a bit and the contractions were back to back and getting painful.  I told the nurse I was ready for the epi and she called the dr.  In the meantime, she gave me some meds to “take the edge off” until the anesthesiologist was available.  I was able to relax for about 30 minutes but I felt very loopy.  By 1am, the meds wore off and I was in full-blown labor and ready to die!!  It took over an hour for the anestuliogist to arrive and by this time I was 6-7cm.  Not even 15 minutes later, as the epi was being administered, I needed to push!!!  I was creeping off the bed and in so much pain.  I was trying to breathe through them but they were coming fast and strong!  Because of this, I didn’t receive a regular epi but some kind of caterer or something.  I was checked again and fully dilated.  However, I could still feel everything!!  Oh, well, it was time to push!!  It was now about 3:45am and I pushed through every other contraction.  The pressure was immense and I was soooo sick of feeling everything!  I remember the nurse saying “you are going to have this baby by 5am” and that kept me motivated.  About an hour in, the dr and nurses came in and broke down the bed.  I switched positions and put my feet in the stirrups and two pushes later he was out!!  It was the most amazing feeling!  I did it! They put him right on my chest and I was so relieved to have him there!  The dr started to stitch me up ( I had a 2nd and 3rd degree tear) and I started screaming “why are you torturing me”???  They couldn’t understand why I was feeling everything.  So, he gave me a local anthestic (sp?), but at that point I didn’t’ care!  I just wanted him to finish up so I could spend time with my boy. 

            When all was said and done, the nurse decided to take out the catheter for my epi.  However, there was nothing to take out; it was sitting there on the bed sheet!  At some point while I was pushing, I must have knocked it out!!  In hindsight, it was probably for the best; I was able to bear down with each contraction and focus on the pressure.  Also, within 20 minutes I was out of bed and walking around. 

            I never intended to have an unmedicated birth, but I am glad I did.  Although, I never want to experience that pain ever again!!!  My vag is a mess, but it was all worth it.  The vbac was the most amazing experience of my life! 

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