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Embroidered Name on Backpack for Kinder? Yay or Nay?

DS is starting Kindergarten and the place I am ordering his backpack has the option to embroider his first name on the front. 

It looks cute BUT do I want his name on the outside for everyone to see?  I thought I've heard it's not a good idea because then strangers will know what his name is.  Or am I being too overly protective?



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  • Most people will say not to... in kindergarten I think I would agree.  I personally don't think it is as big a deal with younger kids' stuff if they're at an age where they wouldn't really be anywhere by themselves with the 'name' item but a kindergartner could be.... Though at the same time, IMO if someone wants to learn your kid's name, they probably don't have to hang out for very long to hear a parent/teacher/friend use it, but better to not make it so easy I think.
  • I have DD1's first name embroidered on her backpack. She went to a preschool that didn't do field trips, where she was dropped off and picked up directly from class (no bus), and I felt fine with that.

    She's still using the same backpack, and I just got an email from her teacher asking parents to label lunch bags with their child's name in large print on the outside, and that parents do the same for backpacks. Of course you could label the part against their back vs. the front. 

    I think you really have to consider the everyday practicality vs. the actual risk of a highly-supervised young child even being in a situation where that would be a vulnerability. I wouldn't do it for a child walking to school or bussing, but a visible name barely counts as a risk at this age, IMO. 

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  • All K-3 and K-4 bags are all the same, so I got my son's name (full name) on it.  I wanted his teacher and me to know for sure it was his bag with just a look. 

  • I say "nay" but I'm paranoid and I know it.  I just don't think it's worth the risk.  I wouldn't be opposed to a monogram though.

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  • I didn't when getting my DS'. I just used my Labelmaker & put his name on where it lays against his back. Still outside & visible, but hidden when out & about, and removable so I can pass the bag on. I agree if your child doesn't bus or walk I don't see the problem with it.
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  • I like the idea of it on the back so when the kid wears it outside, its not seen. I'm just paranoid and I wouldn't even do initials because what's to stop the creep from using that one letter to call out a name until he gets the right one.
  • I don't know, the kids calling out to each other are more likely to give away names.  I get the fear. If my child were to be walking alone, for sure, but she won't- especially at 5.  Additionally the teachers at the kids' preschool and elementary schools want bags and lunchboxes labeled clearly.  So if I were inclined to do embroidery, I would. 

    But as this discussion unfolds, it's a great reminder in talking safety with the kids that an adult calling their names does not make him/her a safe person.


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  • I had DD1 initials embroidered on her backpack and her name on her lunch box.
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