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Difficult 3 yo

My son just turned three. I am really struggling with his grumpiness. He is not grumpy all the time however some days it feels like it. At his well visit I spoke with pedi about it and he thought it may be sleep related. (He refuses to nap but crashes between 2 and 3 pm at this point I cannot have him nap because he will be up till 10 pm. My pedi thought I should give him a short nap I tried but it doesn't really help if anything his mood can be more fierce). I have been trying to be more attentive and give him some extra love it is not really helping. I'm beside myself because this has been going on for a while. I thought he would outgrow it but there is no end in sight. Has anyone seen this? Is it typical. I'm concerned because I love my little guy and want him to be happy :-(. Tia

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    It's very common at this age! Have you tried doing quiet time in his room at that hour...? Maybe have a small basket of non-noise toys and books that he only gets at that time.

    Otherwise, if you are not anti-TV, I'd throw on a show at 2pm and let him veg out with a healthy snack.

  • 3 is a tough age. I'd do quiet time also. I'd f also push up bedtime.

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  • He might also be bored.
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  • My DS can be like this without a nap.  On the weekend, he and I lay down together to rest in my bed.  We watch one TV show and then have to rest for 1 hour.  He always falls asleep for atleast 1.5 hours.  I usually wake him up with the TV at about 2 hours or so. 

  • My 3yo DS is the same way. It's normal, but it is so hard not to compare him to my SD sometimes. She never went through this phase.
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