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carseat trouble

Hi!  Its been awhile since I posted but hope its ok to post again!  Anyone else having an issue with getting your LO to stay in the carseat?  We have a Graco convertible seat.  DS wiggles the straps off his arms & tries to escape.  He has gotten his entire upper body out of the car seat (hanging over the edge).  I thought that turning him FF would help.  No luck- so we are turning him around RF tomorrow.  Has anyone bought something to keep the straps on?  Any suggestionS?  Thanks !
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Re: carseat trouble

  • A few questions - Are you sure the straps are tight enough when you buckle him in?  Are they in the right position  as far as where you have them threaded through? (RF they should be slightly below his shoulders in the back, FF is slightly above).  Finally, is the chest clip high enough?

    I've noticed that if I move the chest clip while buckling Allison in, she can get her arms out until I move it up to where it belongs again.
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  • It sounds like he's not strapped in right. Is the chest clip by his armpits? Also you should only be able to get two fingers under the clip and that's how you know how tight the straps should be, although I make Madison's slightly looser but she would never be able to wiggle out the way she's strapped in.

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  • thanks ladies.  I think the clip on ours has a tendency to slide down.  I made the straps a little tighter this morning & so far so good! 
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  • Also make sure you can't pinch any slack in the harness at the shoulders. Making sure it's tight enough and having the chest clip in the right place should do the trick.

    There are NO aftermarket products that are safe to use to keep LO in. 
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