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traveling with toddler

Need some tips on traveling!  We are going on a cruise & need to fly to Florida.  There is a 20 minute drive to the port.  So Im planning on bringing a carseat.  Which sucks because the last thing I want to do is drag it around.  Im considering buying a lightweight (8lb) cheaper carseat that was around $40 since ours is like 30 lbs.   Anyone have any traveling tips?  I saw they make a strap to put the carseat over the luggage?  Anyone ever use that?  What about a booster? Any other tips anyone has on traveling with a toddler would be super helpful! TIA :)  

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Re: traveling with toddler

  • I think the cheapie $40 carseat is your best option. My airplane tips today are 1) careful if straw sippy cups on the flight as they leak with the change in air pressure and 2) if your LO likes to color the no mess color wonder markers and coloring book are awesome! Keeps Nat entertained for 20mins+. Good luck and have fun :)

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  • The cheap car seat is a big YES.

    Stock pouches in your carry on for take off and landing so LO's ears will "pop".

    A new toy LO hasn't seen before is great for some entertainment.  Just remember the people sitting around you don't want to hear a toddler toy.  Try to find something that has lots of lights and little sound.

    Good Luck.  Enjoy the cruise.  I think it's the BEST way to spend your vacation money.

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  • we just use a bungie to strap it to our luggage and then check it with checked luggage. We gate check our stroller. Biggest helps for me on the trip were to load my laptop with toddler games and apps and an episode of world world. Then painters tape is excellent for entertainment on a trip (put it on them, on the seat, the love it). Lots of snacks, two books. We point to all of her vocabulary words in the inflight magazine. In the airport Iet her stretch her legs

  • Flying tip: be careful with food on the plane.  If the landing is rough all that food will come back up.  I speak from experience...
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  • Are you putting LO in the carseat on the plane?  If you check it, you'll probably want to buy a cheapy and then just throw it out after you travel.   I never knew this until recently, but the baggage handlers throw them around, which once you throw around a seat it can have internal/invisible damage, and everything I've read says to discard a seat once it's been checked.  Good luck, though!!!  I could never do long travels with my kiddo... about 20 minutes of sitting still is her limit!

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  • We traveled with DD to Italy last month.

    We bought the cheapie carseat to use for the trip. We used it on the plane (she had her own seat). As for navigating the airport with it, we had our umbrella stroller (chicco liteway, which we gate-checked). We strapped the carseat to the stroller and DD sat in the carseat in the stroller. Then I pushed the carseat/stroller combo and pulled one suitcase, with a carry-on over my shoulder, and DH pulled the other 2 suitcases.

    On the plane, we had a coloring book/crayons, a couple of books, and stuffed animals. We were able to watch tv (each seat had their own tv), though she wouldn't keep the earphones on. On the way there, it was an overnight flight, so she did sleep for about 5 of the 9 hours. Coming home, she only slept for about 2.5 hours, and it was 10 hours in the air.

    I had pouches and straw cups and didn't have any issues with leaking or anything like that. I also had dry snacks. She ate the meals provided by the airline.

    On shuttles and in taxis, we just held her (no carseat).

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  • Tip: try and sit by the window on the plane. This way LO isn't tempted to run up and down the aisle. Bring stickers and paper and also bandaids, he loved opening the bandaids and they took forever for him to open. Good luck

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  • thanks for all the good tips!
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