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funny things LO say

What word does your LO totally butcher that makes you laugh every time you hear it?  

My DD just learned "elephant," but it comes out elalalalala.  My DH and I think it's the single funniest thing we've ever heard.  She has a stuffed elephant at home and a few of her books have elephants in them, so she consistently uses the same "word" for elephant, but it's so far off that it's just too funny!!!  And I absolutely LOVE that elalalalala is what she hears when we say "elephant."  

When my DS learned to say "help," it came out "em," so it took us a while to figure that out, but eventually we figured it out and realized he was using "em," consistently to ask for help.  
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Re: funny things LO say

  • I call Kevin my lovebug and I ask him if he can say it and it comes out bugbug so stinking cute! BUT the best is he loves Mickey Mouse, he calls Mickey gogurt. It took us a little while to figure out what he was talking about but Mickey Mouse is on the side of the kid's Yoplait yougurts. When we caught on to what he was talking about we were hysterical. Even when we say Mickey he comes back with "yeah, gogurt" LOL!

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  • DD's cousin's name is Rebecca. We call her Becca for short. When we ask DD to say Becca, she says "caca"... My 12 year old niece is not impressed. haha

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  • is so funny when she tries to say it!  Also, she asks to smell things (I have a lot of candles) and says "mel" over and took me forever to figure that one out.
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  • Natalie runs around saying, "ROAR!!! Duck!"

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  • Daisy started to say "goofy" him being my favorite Disney character, I was thrilled. Turns out she was saying "excuse me" I'm glad she I learning to be polite but I was a little bummed she doesn't like goofy a much as I thought
  • We aren't super religious.  We don't attend church.  But every time my son sees a man with a beard he calls them "Jesus"!!  

    We have a Jesus loves me book.   So maybe that's where he got it from?  It's funny.
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  • I love the way Caroline say "thank you" and "up".  For up she says "ba".  I have no idea why.  She can say up because that is what she calls her cup but she has always said "ba" for up.  Cracks me up every time.  And for thank you it sounds like "tank shoe".  Love it!
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  • She says "uh oh spaghetti-o's" (her daycare teacher said that all the time). It comes out "uh oh badabados" It's so adorable when she says that!

    She also likes to say Mickey (mouse). But it comes out "dickey". :)

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  • Charlotte is definitely not a huge talker, but the words that she does say, she says pretty clearly.  Except for "please," which comes out every single time as "bleeah!" (with her tongue out) 

    We have said please to her a million times, and we have never stuck our tongues out while saying it--but she seems to be very sure that is the only way to say it!
  • This is not a mis pronunciation, but J calls Sesame Street "AbbyElmo."
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  • When I ask Austin what his name is, he says "dee dee!" 
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  • I love hearing him say zebra...bebra.  It's just cute!

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  • A calls Elmo Momo. And all stuffed animals are Monkey.
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