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Pre-K is uniform optional - WDYT?

I finally got DS into a preschool program at the last minute. (it starts after Labor Day)
It is a Catholic school and uniforms are optional for his class, but recommended so they "don't feel left out"
I bought DS a ton of new fall clothes - mostly jeans & striped shirts - which he will hardly wear if we go the uniform route.
The school we thought we'd get into has no dress code for preschool, so I didn't bother worrying about it when I shopped.

Would it be weird to do uniform a couple times a week and let him wear jeans the rest?

Re: Pre-K is uniform optional - WDYT?

  • I'd buy the uniform shirts and pair them with the jeans that you just bought.

  • I would probably take back some of the clothes and wear uniforms but thats me
    I gave in and washed it all and hung in his closet at the beginning of last week. Got him into preschool on Friday. I think the two might be related. LOL

    I went ahead bought him two khakis and two polos. I think we'll start with those and see what the majority does. Thank goodness Old Navy still has this stuff on sale!
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  • I don't like school uniforms, so I would opt out if given the chance.

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