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Bday party advice needed

I'm throwing a bday party for both of my DD's this weekend. It's at a gymnastics studio, and it's just open play (no structured activities) for an hour and then 30 minutes of eating time in another room. This is my first time planning a kids bday party, and I could use some advice. 

We have around 20 kids coming, plus the adults. I was planning on making two different kinds of cupcakes and having drinks (water and juice). Will this be enough food? Should I make more desserts, like cookies or brownies? I didn't want to have anything substantial because of the short amount of time we have to eat, and the party is at 3:30 pm.

For the favors, I made hand kites like these:

I was also going to make some chocolate dipped pretzel rods. Do you think that will be enough, or should I get something else to add to the favor bags? I'll probably have them pick out the hand kites and use them at the party so the only thing in the bags will be the pretzels. 


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Re: Bday party advice needed

  • I would assume pizza or sandwiches would be served.  I know 4:30 is a little early, I would just always assume there would be a meal involved.  I think just cup cakes are fine, I don't think too many adults really pile up deserts or would want their kids doing that, especially if they're going to be going home for dinner.  I also would think you're better off leaving the kites in the bag and save them for home.  If the kids start taking stuff out they'll also probably eat the pretzels, bags and crumbs will be all over the gym floor, and the kids that don't go throw it will be stuck trying to figure out which bag is theirs.  I think it would be easier just to give them out as kids go home.
  • Sorry for not being more clear. The hand kites (not the favor bags) would be given out to the kids during the party so they can play and dance with them,The kites will not be in the bags. The only things that will be in the favor bags are the pretzels (and anything else I decide to put in there). They will get the favor bags as they leave. 

    I'm curious if others would expect substantial food to be served. In my experience at other parties at this time of day, they just had cake.

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  • I would stick to the cupcakes.  With 30 minutes to eat, 20 kids and adults, it will take 10 minutes to get them passed out, and it will take 20 minutes easily for everyone to finish and start oozing out. Throw in a meal, you're way over 30 minutes.

    We are kinda flexible with our schedule but I wouldn't want my kids to fill up on pizza and cake at 430 because they wouldn't want to eat dinner, and not likely a healthy snack before bed after all the pizza and cake.  With 3 kids, that guarantees at least one meltdown over food later in the evening.  I think you're fine!

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    The majority of parties I have been to have not served a meal...we did at ours bc the only time we could do the party that day fell at lunchtime.
    ETA I agree that some snacks would be nice but I wouldn't go crazy- goldfish, pretzels, maybe some grapes or something. I actually have been to bday parties that were just cake or cupcakes and honestly I really didn't care that much, the only one that bothered me was one that fell about lunchtime so I was a little surprised about it. At our bday party ppl commented on the fact that we had sandwiches (in a positive way) so it is clearly not the norm where I live I guess, though we have been to a couple that had pizza.
  • If your invitations didn't say that it would just be dessert, I think it's right to provide something other than cupcakes. I would at least have some veggie trays with dip or a big fruit salad.

  • I personally would have cheese and crackers, fruit (lilke a bowl of apples and bananas) and maybe some veggies. I think it is nice to have something for the adults to snack on but also in case some kids can't wait for cake the parents can offer them a piece of fruit.
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  • I've never been to a birthday party where the host only served dessert.  You don't have to serve a full meal, but I would definitely include some appetizers/snacks as well.  Cheese and crackers, chips and salsa/guacamole, fruit tray or fruit kabobs, trail mix, mini sandwiches, veggie tray, etc.  When it comes to entertaining I like to have more food rather than less food.
  • I had a dessert party at 3:30 when my ds turned 2 and noted on the invitation. I think I said please join us for some cake...just so people didn't think I was serving food. We had cake, I made cake pops and I also served a fruit salad.
  • In our area most people do sandwiches, chip & dip, and something else like fruit. 

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