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Are you/will you join?  It is so expensive, but if I were ever in a legal mess it seems like it would be really helpful to have them on my side.  My local group recommends joining, so I probably will.  I just wanted to see what others were doing.


  • I'm not. I'm in MIssissippi where homeschooling is supported by the majority. We already have some of the most lax laws around, and I really don't see it changing. Right now I just can't stomach paying for it.
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  • I am not currently, but my husband and I are both attorneys, so that aspect isn't part of the decision for us.

    I did see recently that if you had preschool aged kids, you could join for free, but I couldn't tell you where I read that or if it's still current. Maybe Practical Homeschooling magazine?


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  • We will when dd1 is of age. :)
    Side note, my brother used to work for them. 

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