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need sunscreen rec's

I need an all natural sunscreen that works. I tried Babo Botanicals and it didn't work at ALL. I can't afford to take that kind of risk again. Any rec's?

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Re: need sunscreen rec's

  • I like the Aveeno natural baby one.  I know most of the Aveeno naturals stuff is crap in terms of toxins... this one is rated 2 on EWG and works well.  2 is pretty much my threshold rating.


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  • We have had good luck with badger, California Baby, and honest co. I burn easily and have yet to burn using any of them. DD is also still nice and pasty!
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  • We used this one at the beach all week for my DS and it was great. He didnt burn, it rubs in easily, is a safe sunscreen, and smells really good.


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  • We used California baby and liked it but didn't love the white color that stayed on the skin. We now use Babyganics cover up baby SPF 50+ and really like it. It's a bit cheaper and I don't have to go to out specialty store to get it.
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  • We also use Badger (Active/Unscented Sunscreen Cream) and our very fair skinned little guy has been totally protected.  We use it daily and are outside a lot in a sunny climate! - Healthy, non-toxic product recommendations for children from a mom who has really used them!
  • Rocky Mountain Soap Company makes a great one! Blends in easily and smells amazing.
    I do not recommend Burt's Bees. I've tried it twice and is white and chalky.
  • May favorite but it was more expensive was the Eco Sunscreen Body Screen. It spreads easier than most and the kids don't have while all over them.

    second choice I loved was
    Honest Company

    I tried Aubrey's or something like that rated great by EWG but I didn't love it. But it worked fine.
  • We use "Burn Out Kids".

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