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potty training

Dd went potty on the toilet today! Told me she had to go and everything!
Anyones LO potty trained already or in the process?
Our pedi said most girls are potty trained by the age if two.....although I do not believe that nor will I push dd to potty train but it would be nice, especially before I get KU with 2! :

Re: potty training

  • DD has gone on the potty several times, but I have no intentions of potty training her right now.  When DS started to show interest in and occasionally use the potty at 16months I asked my pediatrician about what a good age to potty train kids was.  She recommended waiting until 2 years old as children are better able to hold their pee so you don't have to deal with as many accidents on the way to the potty.  We ended up holding off on training DS until he was 2 and a half and it has been a breeze.  I think DD will be ready around 2 years old but I will probably wait until 2 and a half with her so I won't be trying to potty train her and adjust to new baby at the same time.

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  • DD will ask to sit on the potty but hasn't actually gone on the potty yet. I'm not in a hurry to potty train though cause I'm not looking forward to all those inconvenient times we're gonna have to find a bathroom. 
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  • We bought DS1 a potty to get him the idea of how one works, but we aren't actively trying to potty train him, nor is he ready.  All we are doing is sitting him on the potty right before his bath and then having DH take him in when DH goes potty, so DS1 can see how it is done.
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  • I haven't even tried yet.  I'll wait until she seems ready and communicates better.  I waited until DD1 was 2.5y, very interested, and easy to communicate with.  She figured it out within a week or so and was day and night trained a month later (except for pooping - that was a long ordeal that required a stool softener). 
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  • Haven't tried and I know she isn't ready. I would rather wait to train her when it will take a short time and she can better understand what it all means. I will probably buy her a potty and make an event of it; I think she would respond well to that method.
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  • imagegracefulruby33:
    Haven't tried and I know she isn't ready. I would rather wait to train her when it will take a short time and she can better understand what it all means. I will probably buy her a potty and make an event of it; I think she would respond well to that method.

    This is exactly what I plan on doing as well. I don't want it to be a long drawn out process!
    But I am looking forward to not having 2 in diapers and having to change 15 diapers a day.
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  • Ds has been peeing in the potty since 9m.  He will sometimes tell me, but more often, I just put him on and he goes.  It's very clear when he poops too, so we are going to potty train this August/September.  
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  • jb2rnjb2rn member

    We have a potty upstairs and down, and he sits on them, but it's mostly a game right now.

    He has pooped a few times on it and peed maybe once, but he doesn't totally get it yet.

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  • We bought a potty for downstairs a couple months ago. DS has, maybe, sat on it for a total of 5 seconds a time.

     DS knows where the bathroom is & runs to the door when I say "Mommy has to go potty." He will usually play with his potty while I pee. Then, we flush the toilet together & wash hands.

    I don't see potty training anywhere in the near future. I think we will wait until DS is actually talking & can tell me when he needs to go. I am relieved to keep him in diapers. I am totally not looking forward to having him use public toilets. Ick!


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  • We have been showing her the potty and letting her sit on it since about 12 months. She has peed on it like once. She will often say "potty" and point to the bathroom but just wants to sit there and put toilet paper in the toilet. ha. We aren't really pushing it until after 2, when she better understands.
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  • DD is definitely showing an interest.  We will be training sometime around age 2, but need to wait until she's in the next room at daycare.

    FWIW, we potty trained DS after DD was born (she was 6 months, he was 2.5) and it was NBD to have 2 in diapers or to potty train with an infant in the house 


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  • DD2 is randomly obsessed with the potty now, we put one of the little potties in the living room and she often wants to sit on the potty after her diaper is wet, sometimes she wants to sit on the toilet with DD1's ring.  She's peed on the potty multiple times and pooped a few.  We are certainly not pushing the idea, it takes more time from our lives to potty train us as parents of a young child than it will to wait a bit and potty train DD..... but she is so excited to sit on it we don't discourage it.
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  • We are not in too big of a hurry either. She will ask to go to the potty, but just sits there and likes to "wipe" (i.e. get the toilet paper and put it in the toilet). She also lately started telling me after she poops. So we are getting there, but not good about holding pee yet and doesn't really "get it" yet. She is watching her 3 year old cousin use the potty, so hoping that will help too.
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  • My daughter is very interested in the potty. She announces when she has is about to go potty and if we can DD gets sat on a potty. She likes to wipe and does so correctly. I am not pushing her, but I also feel like if she is ready to try potty training I will not keep her in diapers just because she is young. I am considering giving potty training a try in the next couple of wks just to see what happens. If she decides after a few days that she HATES it and is totally not into the process I will move on and try again some other time. I will let you know how it goes. 
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  • I don't think DS is ready. I think we will buy a potty chair attachment for our toilet once he is two and then once he is ready try it out.
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  • We don't even have a potty yet.  I think we are starting around her birthday.  She will tell me if she goes in her diaper, but I don't see the rush.
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