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Is AC a must for a new baby in NH?

We live in central NH and for most of the summer the temps are great.  Now and then we get a few hot days where the upstairs gets into the hi 70s. I want my baby to be safe especially sleeping, but am wondering if an AC unit is necessary?

 This is our first baby and we have only lived in NH for a few years so I'm unsure.


Re: Is AC a must for a new baby in NH?

  • That's a good question!  I know in our ranch-style house the rooms got up above 85 degrees these past few weeks, but like you said, it's not frequent...  This is my first also, so I'm afraid I don't have any experience to speak from!
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  • We have AC in our son's room...I believe they tell you to keep the babies room below'd have to double check that, it's been a while since I took the newborn class at the Elliot.
  • They might be good for your own comfort. My daughter was born last summer and I ended up having some pretty crazy hot flashes postpartum. My house is usually around 75 but we have 2 window units that will keep the whole house cool. 

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    It really depends on your house.  Even with these 95 degree days, DS's room hasn't gotten over 75 at night. It probably would be even cooler in there if I could put a fan in, but I'm paranoid he'd hurt himself with it.  I would be fine with a newborn in that temperature with a fan running, especially if you're in the same room.

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  • Thanks everybody!
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