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Hunter Update

Hunter has been up and down today. We are still waiting on his blood culture results to find out for sure if he has sepsis. They're not sure what would have caused it if that's what it is, but it sure looks like it is sepsis.

He did great through the night and this morning, fed lots and nursed like a champ, but we haven't been able to wake him up enough to eat since then. I finger fed him a few drops at 3:30, and hopefully he will wake up again soon. We even gave him a bath, and he slept through the whole thing! The NICU nurse tried all her tricks to no avail.

It's looking like he won't be up with me before tomorrow, so I will likely get discharged - I would really appreciate your prayers for a room to stay in down at the NICU to be available so I don't have to try and go back and forth from home every few hours to feed him, although I will if I need to.

They are doing a procedure on a very sick baby in there now, so we were asked to leave. I'm going to eat and try to get another hour's sleep if I can.

Hope everyone else is doing well!

Re: Hunter Update

  • Awe, that sounds so hard. I'll be thinking about you and your LO.
  • Sending positive thoughts your way! Congrats on baby Hunter :)
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  • Ts&Ps for a rooming in room to open up. Keep up the good work, Hunter!

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  • Sending positive vibes your way!
  • I've been thinking about you all. Wishing you and him the best and I'm hoping you can stay there with him.
  • Sorry that you guys are dealing with such challenges. :( T&P for his quick recovery and for you to have a room near him. Hugs!
  • Thinking of you and Hunter.
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  • Thinking of you. Lot's of T&P's to you and Hunter. DS was in the NICU for 8 days due to a lung infection shortly after birth, it's tough. But hang in there and lots of prayers he comes home very very soon.

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  • T&Ps headed your way!

  • Thinking of you.

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  • Thoughts and prayers coming your way!
  • Thoughts and prayers!!!!


  • Ts and ps to you!!!

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  • Still thinking of you guys!!

  • Thinking of you and your family!  Prayers for a room at the NICU for you!


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  • Lots of thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
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  • Thinking of you and baby Hunter! I hope a room opens up for you.
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  • Sending good thoughts and prayers for you and your family
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  • Hugs, hope you can stay there! Prayers for a speedy recovery!
  • Praying that Hunter is ready to go home with you soon!

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  • T&Ps for you and your little guy.

  • Thoughts and prayers!
  • I'm so sorry will be praying. Our dd is still in NICU! There's no longer anything medically wrong with her now just working on her feeding to where it should be considering she's the biggest baby in there she's required to eat 3oz.every 3hrs 8 times a day! I personally think its to much for a two weeker but she was a 11.9 pounder at birth. She has done good now that her boobie milk is being mixed with enfamil AR. I understand going.back and forth to feed and etc... Our nicu only has one room inside which is used for parents of preemies who have to practice before leaving hosp. I hope you get a room.
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