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Potty Chair Recommendations

Any suggestions on potty chairs? I have b/g twins that I am going to start to potty train and am looking to buy potty chairs soon!

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  • Someone recommended this princess potty to me and I couldn't of made a better choice. It plays a song with each "deposit" My daughter loves when the song and "yay" go off when she goes, It's like a celebration everytime. They have a prince and princess that would be really cute for your twins:) they also have a ducky  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/b005iwm7we/
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  • We have several.  The princess potty mentioned above we like the best even without the music (DD likes to play with the box that makes the sound don't worry it hooks in underneath the chair it doesn't get peed on).  She likes the back on it and it doubles as a stool.  I also really like the first steps travel potty.  It's short to the ground and for my short DD she feels really secure on it.
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  • Honestly with twins I would get a seat that you place on top of the toilet. You have to clean a potty chair twice as much and I find that it is easier to have them go right on the toilet and flush themselves:)
    It also has been easier for them to go in public because they are used to a real toilet;). Good luck!
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