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Calorie intake? Shakes?

Do I have to increase my calorie intake by even more now that I know there are two babies in there? That seems virtually impossible right now. Anyone have any good shakes that can help me with increasing my calories until my second trimester and I can actually eat real food? Help!

Re: Calorie intake? Shakes?

  • I loved odwalla's protein chocolate monster and chobani Greek yogurt. Easy to eat and keep down. I'm still doing these to keep up my intake as I breastfeed my 1 month olds.
  • I'd ask your OB (or MFM, if you are seeing one) what they recommend for calorie intake.  I had a hard time keeping food down in the 1st tri, but neither of my doctors were really concerned about my food and calorie intake until into the 2nd trimester.  I also have a dairy allergy that became much worse during pregnancy, so I haven't been able to drink a lot of the typical protein shakes.  Some doctors have different philosophies, so I would check with yours to see what they recommend and if they are concerned or not.
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  • I second PPs definitely check with your mfm/ob. Since they knew mine were coming so early - they wanted me to shoot for 60 lbs by 32 weeks to get the kids as big as possible. Every pregnancy will be different.

    I use a lot of ensure and high quality protein powder in pretty much everything. For the first 18 weeks, I also just got used to attempting to keep down three quarters of what I was drinking. Throwing up became a way of life.
  • What protein shakes are you guys drinking? I'm thinking I should make myself on every morning for breakfast but my MFM wants me to limit fruits/carbs so I can't really make one with fruits in it.

  • I ate greek yogurt w fruit every single morning and snacked on nuts and granola bars throughout the day. I'm not a big meat eater and smoothies are a pain to make [imo, I'm kinda lazy like that].

    I don't have any suggestions for limiting fruit. I lived on fruit for most of my pg and was eating close to half a watermelon a day! No GD and I gained about 50lbs by 34w when I delivered. My boys were 5 and 5 1/2 lbs.

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