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disney vs. cruise

I desperately want to take DD to Disney to see the princesses.  DH isn't thrilled, but has agreed to go next summer.  I'm also not sold on what is so much fun about standing on lines all day, but everyone seems to enjoy it.  Before having kids we loved cruises.  We weren't into the late night club scene, but we enjoyed nice dinners, shows, and excursions.  I found a cruise that leaves near us in April.  It's 7 days, and 1 stop at Disney, from 12-9.  We did a cruise like this before and it worked out nice for a day at the park.  I'm thinking we could do a princess dinner that night.  I'm kind of nervous about sharing a stateroom with 2 kids.  I'm also a little unsure about what they'll do on the ship all day and worry we'll be stuck in our room too much, although we would get a balcony so we could enjoy some room service and wine while they sleep at night.  They have to be 3 to participate in babysitting, so DS won't make it.  The cruise would be $5500, I'm thinking Disney would be a bit less but not much, although I'm not sure.

It we did the cruise DD would have turned 4 the month before and DS would be 2 the next month.  If we do Disney DD will be almost 4 1/2 and DS would be 2 years 2 months.  Which would you do?

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  • I don't know the answers to any of your questions, but have you considered a Disney cruise? I have heard they are awesome.

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  • I think I would do a Disney cruise. No way I would do the parks with 2 little kids. DS is almost 4 and I'm waiting until he's at least 5 before we go to Disney.
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  • thanks, if we do the cruise it would be Norwegian.  Disney cruises only go out of Florida and I don't really want to fly down there if we don't have to.  The Norwegian leaves right by us.
  • NewMrs07 said:
    I think I would do a Disney cruise. No way I would do the parks with 2 little kids. DS is almost 4 and I'm waiting until he's at least 5 before we go to Disney.
    We did the Magic Kingdom last winter. DD1 had just turned 3 and DD2 was almost 14 months. They loved it! We didn't do any ride that we hadn't fast passed or that had a line that would take more than 10 minutes. The thing we waited the longest for was to meet Arial in her Grotto. DD1 adores Arial, so we really felt we had to do that. It was more than 6 months ago and she still talks about it, and asks when we're going back. I wouldn't do any of the other parks with kids that age, but I felt like the Magic Kingdom was worth it. We stayed at the Polynesian Resort, because we could take the monorail or a boat to Disney, and I got a good deal on it. If we can ever afford to stay there again, I will. The convenience is really, really nice.

    I have no advice on the cruise part.
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  • I know you said you'd prefer not to fly before a cruise, but we did a Disney Cruise in April when DDs were 4 and 16months. It was awesome. DD4 got pictures with all the princesses several times and even got to see them in the kids club. She was in amazement for the shows. There was a splash zone for the little one since swim diapers can't be in pools on any cruise line. There was a nursery for the little one, too so DH and I actually got some alone time and a quiet dinner together. We completely enjoyed ourselves as adults but it was just magical for our 4 year old. We'll do a Disney Cruise again in about another year or so before bringing them on another line.
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  • A stateroom with two kids does not sound fun. Upgrade! 

    I have been to DW with the kids each year for the past 3 yrs. We visit in Sept after Labor day which is less crowded. I have never waited in a line longer than 7 minutes.  Any rides in demand I fastpass. We have a pretty good routine -arrive at the park early, return to the hotel mid day (avoiding sun and busier time) and then back to the park in the evening for fireworks.
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  • We decided to take DD on the cruise when she is 4. Our family is devised, my parents want to go too and are part of the decision making, but I put my finally decided I did not want to take a 4 year old with all those lines. She won't be able to go on all the rides, could possibly still taking a naps, the heat and all those lines! I don't have the patience and I can't expect her too.

    There will still be characters on the cruise, they have amazing kid rooms that even watch your child for you so your DH and you can got get massage and a drink. It's just so much nicer sounding. Alone time and family time with the Disney touch. Plus a few of the cruises stop at this island that belongs to Disney.

    We will do Disney land/ world a few years later when she can enjoy the whole park and will have more patience with the lines, hopefully.
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