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Is your LO an animal?

Okay, weird subject line, I know. But I've noticed that many people refer to their LOs as some sort of animal. 

One of my friends calls her son her little lamb, another one calls her DD1 monkey and DD2 bear. I call my LO my bunny or my mouse. And worm. And bear. And puppy. And fish. 

Just wondering what others there are. 
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Re: Is your LO an animal?

  • yup, our little monkey. 
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  • nealblnealbl
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    When she gets mad we quote the movie Elf an say she's an angry little elf. That has led me to call her my little elf.
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  • Monster, if that counts. The kid growls like a gremlin. She even talks in growl!!


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  • Boo boo bear is his full nickname since he always has this sad boo hoo face on. I typically call him that when he's grumpy and fussy, or if he gets hurt. The child is a BEAR, so it's fitting. Never referred to DS1 as an animal though.
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  • Usually monkey, but more often than monkey, he's cookie or pumpkin...


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  • He's our little monkey... But lately he's our monster, he growls and bites!
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  • DH calls him a puppy because LO is always trying to bite our feet! And he growls. I call him my little monkey because he has his dad's monkey toes and he will curl his toes around anything to try to pick it up!

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  • RayT1RayT1
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    DH has called DS Bear since he was born, he even responds to it.  We decided already that our next child will have the nickname Moose.  

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  • We call her monkey. Recently we started calling her Adeline-a-saurus because she rawrs like a dinosaur, and her name is Adeline.
  • I call him pumpkin but my husband calls him munchkin so not really animals, but my sister calls him her little monkey man.


  • clrgrdfrkclrgrdfrk
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    Monster. Or bug. Sometimes it's lovebug but sometimes it's stinkbug... depending on her mood.
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  • When she gets upset, the area around her eyebrows turn very red.  my hubby came up with the nickname Lobster (or variations on this, such as Lily Lobstertails).  we were calling her that a lot at one point, that i was getting nervous that she would learn to answer to that name instead of her given name- Lily. 
    *i lurk on this board all the time, and couldn't resist participating in this one!*
  • Chicken nugget- so...reconstituted animal protein?

    This is DD nickname. I am trying to find her a chicken nugget coustume for Halloween as we speak


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  • Alice is sometimes my silly monkey. Usually she is just Sissy or Sissy Bug though.


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  • As a side joke we say Alice is a "Allie-gator" although we never call her Allie.  Usually she's a munchkin mouse.
  • lilynblue said:

    We call her monkey. Recently we started calling her Adeline-a-saurus because she rawrs like a dinosaur, and her name is Adeline.

    We have a Dino here too - Torrey-saurus Rex. Also Monkey Man and Muffin Man.
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